Stitch Fix Review February 2018

I didn’t keep anything from my last, and first, Stitch Fix  but I had regrets about returning that purple ruffled blouse. It was just SO flattering on. I ordered again almost immediately and had another box scheduled to be delivered Feb 2, though it arrived Jan 31.

[If you use my link to check it out you will get your $20 styling fee waived and I get a $25 credit when your box ships to further my new addiction! It makes it risk free for you and you get your own referral link once you order, win-win! I get mine only as I request a fix,  it you can choose automatic delivery monthly, bi-monthly or whatever works best for you. I like that there’s no penalty for not subscribing and just ordering on-demand like I do.]

The lighting in my room is terrible at 6pm and my mirror also showcases the rest of my room which includes piles of folded clean laundry and an unmade bed, so no pictures this time, but next time I promise to post some, even if I have to use a timer or a selfie stick haha.

Below, you can see what was sent and what I kept. They followed my request for lower price points and I would have kept it all if only those Tinsel Pants were huge in the waist. They run really big because my waist is not dainty 9 months after having my second child in 2 years.


I wore the Makers skinny jean yesterday to a big meeting over an hour away and I was so comfortable driving to and from and even after my giant lunch at IHOP which is a true testimonial to the magic of pull-on jeans. The waist band is kind of like nice leggings, not just a band of elastic enclosed in fabric, but two small elasticize areas at the top and bottom of the waistband. They were supper slimming to my waist too. I love love love these jeans. I almost sent them back for being a little too long because I forgot to say petite this time (and don’t have the petite box checked in my profile bc I don’t want petite sized tops) and I am so glad I tried them on again and realized I HAD to have them before sending them back!

The Pink Clover top was so comfy too but seemed long on me and had these scratchy clear plastic loops for hanging sewn right in and the ends poked into my shoulders. I gave feedback about this because I wasn’t sure if I could remove them without the whole seam coming apart.

I hate wrap style tops because they show too much cleavage and the 41 Hawthorn Graciela had this super thin fabric that showed alllll my lumps and bumps and it just didn’t work for me at all.

I kept the open cards because it has a different cut than my other open cardigans and is also a lightweight knit which I only have one of (and it’s maternity lol). I love the color, it’s one of my favorites to wear, and it’ll also work well for spring and summer with white jeans!


Stitch Fix Review First Box

This post is a little ironic since I just posted about not buying clothes for 3 month… I made it almost a month? So, I suck at willpower, but I have read so many stitch fix reviews and have wanted to try stitch fix for years and I finally but the bullet this month! I definitely noticed that a lot of people reviewing their  Stitch Fixeven people who ordered 30 fixes, would mention feeling that their stylist didn’t read their profile or notes and they received things that they had asked not to receive and just didn’t feel heard. I just got a sneak peek at what my first fix is going to be by choosing the check out option after tracking and my stylist definitely read my profile AND the note for this fix.

I was half expecting a bunch of long sleeved polyester tops even though I said I prefer sleeveless tops layered with cardigans and will not wear long sleeves except for sweaters. I also specifically requested pants because I’ve hear Stitch Fix has some sort of magic ability to pick out pants that actually fit. This is why I finally ordered actually, in the hopes of getting some jeans and colored jeans (work dress code!) that would fit well and not be too long.

I will update once I have pictures of the clothes on me, but I was so excited that my stylist completely listened I had to write about it today. I’m excited to see that my stylist actually gave me a shot at keeping all 5 items and getting the 25% discount that comes with keeping everything!! That’s been my Stitch Fix dream! With the discount, it would be $262 to keep everything which is a lot for me because I’m a huge bargain shopper but I am trying to go quality over quantity soooo we’ll see!

The link in this post is my referral link, if anyone uses it to sign up for their first fix, I’ll get a small credit to put towards my next Stitch Fix, which I hope to do in about 3 months.

Merry Christmas Babies

Merry Christmas from me and my family to you and yours! These boys are 21 months apart and it’s Benjamin’s first Christmas so, as you can see, they’re still in the adjust,ent phase of brotherhood. Benjamin also needs some time to decide if Santa is trustworthy, but as long as his brother was with him, he figured it was going to be okay.


Financial Diet

I have this habit of going through phases where I am shopping a lot, but I buy everything on clearance and I won’t even consider buying a shirt for More than $15 or a sweater for more than $20. I decided today, after buying a couple new tops and a pair of white corduroys at Label Shopper earlier in the week, to do one last shop and buy things without being so bargain focused in the hopes of being more satisfied. And with that done, I have challenged myself to buy no new clothing or shoes for 3 months. So the new tops were a gray loft sweater, a gray kind of inside out gap sweatshirt  tunic, and then today’s which I took pictures of for this post. I’m going to go through my credit card statements for the last 3 months and add up what I’ve spent on clothing since I have NO idea and make a new plan to spend $150-200 per season on a wardrobe refresher and also to replace items as needed at that time but buying things I love instead of the cheapest possible thing lol.

so here are my getting through winter purchases before the diet begins:



The booties were $20 and the gray sweater was $20 so I wouldn’t normally consider it even though that’s not even expensive!

I am going to also put away in under-the-bed boxes the clothing that I really like but doesn’t fit or I don’t wear often bc it’s more for occasions. And I’m going to do my second huge shoe and clothing purge of the year. I’ve started doing clothing swaps with some girls at work which is fun and also a good excuse to get together and vent and drink champagne. I’m thinking I may try to refashion a couple items as well.

Things Clients Say to Me… (part 1)

As a social worker, people say some truly unexpected and personal and surprising things to me. This post isn’t about those things, it’s about those things that get said to me time and time again that always amuse and/or annoy me.

I like it when my clients tell me:
A) that visiting their children and going to counseling twice a week “is like full time job”
B) some people have to work
… Like, I know, that’s why I’m talking to you.

Then there’s my non-client interactions which can be either way too similar to my client interactions or a laughably stark contrast. I’ll be talking to a family member or someone making a report and they’ll be trying to quote a client and they’ll be like “is it okay for me to use the words they used… can I say a swear word to you?” I’m like, yeah, people are usually swearing AT me so I can handle you quoting someone who swore 😂.

Anyway, those are just a couple things that have come up repeatedly, next time another one pops up I’ll probably do a part 2 and document some small piece of this ever-interesting job of mine.


Thanksgiving Traditions

My brother and I come from a non-traditional family and we never had those huge family gatherings many families had. One time we definitely went had take-out Chinese for Thanksgiving and another we spent at the buffet our mother worked at. So, it’s only natural that we’ve formed our own non-traditional traditions as adults.

Four years ago we started Sibling Thanksgiving, eating shrimp and grits and tri-colored pepper stir-fry over quinoa in my Hampton, VA apartment. I was a vegetarian, well, pescatarian actually, at the time, but since that Thanksgiving I’ve had two children, moved to Maine and we’ve been making all the usual foods for our Sinling Thanksgivings. Pregnancy made me crave meat and I was pregnant for most of the last 3 years. Anyway, it has evolved and there are five of us at the table instead of two, but we still break have our own spin.

For the past two years we’ve taken a hike after breakfast and before getting dinner ready. It wasn’t an intentional thing, but now that we’ve done it twice I think it’s a THING. So, when normal people (and my husband) are watching football on the couch, we’ll be tromping through the cold woods somewhere. But, while normal people save the eating for dinner, we made a super decadent breakfast this year (which also made a great base for leftovers). It was a sort of hash I dreamed up and my foodie brother made the poached eggs and the suggestion to cook everything in the bacon fat. So for Thanksgiving brunch we had a sweet and gold potato and ground turkey hash cooked in bacon fat with poached eggs on top and bacon on the side. I put a whole sweet onion in the hash as well as two cloves of garlic and cooked it down so much you’d never have known except for the flavor.

^the hash, the original, the leftover hash breakfast, the hiking selfie

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving and I’d love to hear about your own non-traditional traditions!




Brotherly Love

Samuel called Benjamin “Bubba” tonight and I almost died because 1) it was so cute and brotherly love and he is using his words and all of that and 2) I may have a child whose nickname is “Bubba”

Bright Shirts and a Wardrobe Hack


Hey guys, This is a terrible iPhone timer picture of my outfit today. And it’s an iPhone 5s that I have to delete stuff from just to take a picture because I have 1300 photos and 112 videos of my kids. But, I was excited that my $8 clearance shirt got 3 compliments by 830am… I’ve been trying to wear more color and patterns because my standard uniform is solid pants, a solid tank and a solid open cardigan and 2/3 of said uniform is generally neutral colors. But I’m pretty frugal when it comes to clothing, so I was happy to find this budget-friendly top to brighten things up. The pants are actually $7.78 full priced no boundaries jeans from the Walmart juniors section and seriously they are so comfortable and stretchy and fit perfectly and are a reason all their own for making a Walmart trip if you are like me and fit better in juniors than women’s and the high wasp waisted pants that are too big everywhere but the waist. Check them out, I’m preaching to all of my friends about the wonders of $8 jeans.

It can be frustrating to dress for work when you are 3 months post-partum and don’t want to spend much (really any!) money on clothing that you are fervently hoping won’t even fit in a few months.

I am typing one-handed while holding a breast pump flange in the other hand so I’ll wrap this post up, but hopefully someone else benefits from this jean discovery. Yes, I seriously think I discovered normal looking Walmart jeans for under $8. Maybe it’s because my friends are either too cool to check out the clothing section at Walmart or they don’t shop at all because they think they can’t afford new clothes.

What is your most budget-friendly wardrobe hack?

Pattern Mixing and Glittery Nails

One great way I’ve found to distract from the parts of my body that haven’t quite recovered from baby #2 is to put more effort into making my outfits interesting and accessorizing. I feel like a fupa just feels more polished with a pretty print over it ;). Today I threw on the polka dotted tank and was about to reach for an open gray cardigan when I realized that I could make things a lot more interesting with a sheer flowered layer. And I’ve got to give credit to my coworker for turning me on to these Kiss nails… the learning curve was a bit steep for someone like me, but I managed to get them all on and I think they look great! Now I’m just going to throw on some gold sandals and I’m off to work. I’m really lucky to have a very casual business casual dress code.

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