The Pre-Journey

So, everything is now in order as far as going on the road with Curtis. Or, almost everything.
I resigned from my position as a Graduate Assistant, dropped my classes (both of these things were so hard, but will be worth it because I will get to actually see my husband regularly for the first time in over 3 years and also will get to travel and have loads of new experiences.) Luckily there is almost nothing I love more than exploring a new place. I also got my wisdom teeth removed (2 days ago, it is annoying, but I’ve been surviving just fine without any pain killers, so that’s a relief). I have an eye appointment that I need to reschedule since a random Louisiana freeze led to the office being closed during my appointment. Etc. Etc., rather dull little errands which need to be dealt with before I up and leave my life and home!
My uncle just got into town, so before I begin my great on-the-road adventure with C, I’ll be heading to the Tam Bao Temple to see a fireworks show for Tet and then bringing him back to humble Thibodaux. Tuesday I’m showing him around New Orleans, including some attractions even I haven’t experienced- the aquarium with ferry to the zoo, for example. I’ll try to get us on a carriage tour of the French Quarter, Cafe du Monde and the WW2 museum, in addition to some places suggested by his friends. All in a day and night!
Hopefully I’ll be on the road with C soon, with new places to photograph and document, but until then, I’ll revisit my favorite local city and enjoy a quick visit to the temple (I’ve never been to a Buddhist temple, so that’s exciting).


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