Short Trip to Amarillo


We left yesterday for Amarillo, a 15 hour drive, as it turned out. It’s our first trip all together, cats included. KitKat, who is about 5 months old, panicked when we put her in the car, I’m not sure why as she’s been on car rides before. Maybe she thought she was going to have surgery again, since the last time she was in the car was to get spayed. Either way, the poor thing was panting with terror, or when her panic lessened for a moment, crying. I ended up holding her in my lap and petting her for over an hour to keep her calm. The second I stopped petting her, she would start meowing and panting again. Finally, C. suggested that I put her in the very large carrier with Jolie and close it, covering it with a sheet so it was dark. Basically, we decided to let her “cry it out” for up to 15 minutes and see if she would calm down. Thankfully, she did, and she was unfazed by being put back into the truck when we resumed our journey this morning.

We stopped in Dallas last night, so today we did the last leg of the trip, just 6 hours. C.’s company had booked him a hotel room at a place called Luxury Inn, which was a bad sign. Usually, he chooses his own hotel, but for some reason, despite the fact that he’d be paying for it with his per diem, they chose for us this time. Well, the hotel was horrible. The carpet was uneven and thicker in some places than others and I didn’t dare to walk on it barefooted. It looked generally rundown, had a ratty chair and an ashtray despite being non-smoking. It really just gave off the impression of being unclean and all carpeting/furnishings looked quite old. When C. decided it was time to relax after the long trip, I forced myself to sit on the bed, despite not wanting to touch anything. I’m embarrassed to admit that a couple of minutes later I was overcome with the feeling of being immensely hot and prickly, and nauseous. I thought maybe my blood sugar was *really* low, but C. looked at my shaking hands and pointed out that the hotel room was giving me an anxiety attack. I realized he was right, but oh my god does that make me sound/feel high maintenance. I had said to him when we got to the room that I never stayed anywhere that run down “even when I was poor” because I’m a big snot. It really was bad though. The reviews online were awful and one mentioned bedbugs, too, so we decided to see if we could get a refund for the next too nights and just take the $42 loss for the night. Thankfully we could, and are now staying at the LaQuinta, which is only $3 more per night because pets are free here and they weren’t at the other hotel.

Anyway, that was probably all very boring, but I figure I might as well document the trials and tribulations of our first trip. So… that was day one and two of six. (2 days driving, 2 days here and 2 days driving home…)


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  1. “next two nights”, not “next too nights”, I simply cannot properly edit on the ipad at all b/c it will never put the curser where I want it, among other bugs.

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