Walking Around on Access Roads



Today’s super-exciting adventure was a 1.3 mile walk from the hotel to Starbucks. It wasn’t exciting at all, actually, which was just what I was hoping for. It’s on the same road the hotel is on, FM40 or something which stands for “Farm to Market Road” according to C.’s research. I might pop over to Bealls which is directly behind me and see if I can buy a sweatshirt because I was unprepared for all the 30 degree weather. I get up at 6-ish in the morning, so despite seeing a forecast calling for mostly 60-degree days, I’m dealing with hours and hours of freezing cold weather in the morning. It’s a much drier climate here than at home, evidenced by the intense weather change from day to night, my staticky hair and bone-dry skin. Is there no happy medium when it comes to humidity or do I just not go to places where it exists? My crazy hair is either curling/frizzing from humidity or sticking out all over and clinging to me from static. 

C. is already done work for the day, apparently, so maybe we’ll get up to something later. It’s unlikely, knowing my husband’s love of relaxing in front of the t.v., but possible.


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