Photo Round-Up/Things I Learned


First: Beverage Station at McDonald’s. They messed up my much-anticipated latte because apparently at McD’s it is equally appropriate to pour steamed milk in an iced latte as it is to pour cold milk. It was a watered down mess, and not for the first time. I wasn’t ready to walk to the 2.6 mile round-trip to Starbucks, though, as my knees decided that they disapproved of my doing so in unsupportive shoes the previous day. (Of course I forgot sneakers on this trip, despite mental notes to remember them).

Second: Historic Route 66/6th Street, Amarillo where there are a ton of antique shops.

Third: Typewriter my lovely husband bought me at one of those antique shops.

Fourth: Dallas skyline, before we got stuck in traffic for over an hour.

Now, for things I learned on this trip, my first since I decided to travel with C.

1. No matter what I pack, and how I try to pack an equal number of nice vs. cozy clothes, I will always wish I packed something I didn’t and some things will be worn to death while, in this case all the nice clothes, remain untouched.

2. I cannot eat like C. and not gain weight. Myfitnesspal informed me that I would gain 17 lbs in 5 weeks when I plugged in what I ate each day. It was right, as I gained 2 lbs in just 6 days. I’ve lost 1.5 of them thanks to the realization that I am not 6 feet tall and naturally lanky like dear C. It doesn’t seem fair, but neither is not being able to wear nice things because I only fit in yoga pants.

3. I am bringing my car on longer trips for a reason. Only so many places are within reasonable walking distance and my purse is heavy. Holing up in a bookstore would have been a nice break from the motel room, but luckily C. worked short days and I got to get out more than I would have if he’d worked his normal hours.

4. Not all motels have complimentary conditioner. My hair is gross without conditioner. C’s bottle of shampoo exploded all over itself, though, which is why I didn’t bring my own in the first place. So, travel sized conditioner will definitely be coming on my next trip.

5. C. and I get along amazingly well, even when crammed into the cab of a truck or a motel room for 6 straight days. This is very important.


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