Boating on the Bayou


C. was given this 20-something year old boat by his parents because the motor had been broken for years, so basically,if he got it fixed, it was his. It took many days in the carport doing repairs and a few trips to the boat doctor, but it’s finally running well. Yesterday C., my father-in-law and I took the boat out on this canal (bayou) in south vacherie that leads to a big lake. It was too windy to actually go onto the lake when we got there, since we weren’t willing to risk capsizing especially since we saw 4 water mocassin, a bunch of turtles and a several small alligators on the water by that point. When I say small alligators, i talking 2-3 feet long,so still capable of taking off some fingers. Also,apparently small water mocassins are even more dangerous than their full-grown counterparts since they can’t yet control the amount of venom in their bite. I definitely will not be paddleboarding in waters like these….

The Spanish moss was creepy and beautiful and it was so clearly the beginning of spring because all the wildlife looked brand-new and was out in full-force.

ImageThere are a ton of camps like this along the bayou in that area, and I just think it would be so unbelievable spooky out there alone at night. Kind of in the way that I’d like to try it, but kind of like I would be packing up and heading home at 3am after the novelty wore off and the fear started taking over. But maybe I’m a baby.



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  1. Do you live in Louisiana or just traveled there. I love the pictures and the story to go along with them. I was excited to see pictures of Louisiana on WordPress since that’s where I live.

    1. I live in Louisiana, in Thibodaux. Thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and story! I always love stumbling upon mentions or pictures of LA on blogs, in movies, etc too because it’s so unexpected 🙂

      1. Wow, that is a crazy coincidence! Especially since I found your blog very randomly by searching “hair” in tags lol. When I first moved down here, I lived in Thib. and worked in Houma, just the opposite of you. That is so crazy/cool!

      2. It really is! Because I did the exact same thing! I lived in Thibodaux in 08 when I first moved to this area. I worked in Houma at that point too! I’m glad you stumbled across my blog. I really look forward to reading more about your travels.

      3. I’m glad I stumbled upon it too! I don’t think too many people around here keep blogs. And thank you, I look forward to reading more abouuut your life and adventures, too!

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