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I just unpacked from my long weekend in Puerto Rico, and as I did, I buried my nose in the pile of chiffon dresses I’d worn during those nights at the beach restaurant/bar, taking in the scent of the beach one more time before washing it away. It’s amazing how something can smell exactly like a certain place, it wasn’t simply a beach smell, it was Isla Verde… clean and sweet and turquoise sea smelling. This is probably the weirdest paragraph I’ve written yet, but I have to say that Isla Verde is probably my favorite beach destination yet. It’s next to San Juan, but is quieter and because it was surrounded half by apartments and half by hotels, the beach was never even close to crowded. The sand was silky soft, the water clear and turquoise, and the best part was that we spend at least an hour and a half per day in the ocean, chest-deep, jumping with the waves and not once did we encounter even a fish, let alone a jelly fish, stingray or anything more sinister. I looked it up when I got home and there have only been 6 shark attacks in the all of Puerto Rico in all of recorded history. The whole island apparently has some sort of shark-repelling magic. There are areas where there are barracuda, but yeah I guess they really don’t see shark activity. The waves were also perfect and that’s the only reason I put Isla Verde beaches over the beach in St. Lucia near Soufriere, same lack of scary/annoyingly stinging creatures, same gorgeous waters but add waves. I’d still highly recommend St. Lucia to anyone though because the island and waters are stunningly beautiful in a unique way. I just happen to love a good wave.

WordPress doesn’t like to cooperate with me when I post pictures, so I may do further posts with Old San Juan and Castillo San Cristobel. Talking about them without pictures doesn’t do them justice.


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    1. There’s probably one more post coming with pictures of the gorgeous colored buildings in Old San Juan, since I’ve done the beach post, the food post and the fort post so far 🙂

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