Purple Under-Hair, Because I can!


I decided to go crazy today and dye the underside of y hair purple, because for basically the first time ever, I’m not working at a job that requires natural hair color and all that. I’m really loving how versatile it is- half back it’s pretty bold, but with my hair down and wavy, it’s just a subtle hint of color. I think I will definitely be keeping up with this even though bleaching it first scared me as I was afraid my hair might fall out.


12 thoughts on “Purple Under-Hair, Because I can!

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  1. Pretty! I like the color, and I think doing the under part makes it really versatile incase you need to look “professional” or something. 🙂
    I’m always nervous with the bleach too, but the only time I ever did any real damage was when I re-bleached a bleached section. 0/10 would not recommend. I ended up shaving my head, which I don’t suggest unless you don’t ever want to have hair again. XD

    1. Thanks! I definitely wanted the option to look “professional” lol. And oh my god, I’ll learn from what happened to you and never re-bleach… I cannot pull off a shaved head lol. When bleaching the roots, isn’t it hard not to rebleach where root meets bleached section? I will be putting it off as long as possible lol

      1. It isn’t really that difficult to do the roots without damaging the previously bleached part. Just try to keep the bleach on the virgin hair, and remember that the hair closest to the scalp is less susceptible to damage than the ends. Also, I think I may have been on the third bleaching with 40 vol the time I had to shave it, now that I think back. XD

  2. Oooh! I love this! Now I’m even more excited on how mine will turn out! 🙂 I’ll rebleach it though, but I got scared with the previous comments here. I guess I’ll buy the 20 volume next time, just to be sure! Lovely blog by the way! You’re living my dream, traveling the world that is. Keep it up! Xx


    1. Thank you! I’m not really sure what 20 colume means, less strong? But, I’m sure it will work out great for yours, it’s not as scary as it seems! I found doing the underlayer to be less risky because if you mess up, it’s already the shortest part of your hair and pretty easy to erase any mistakes, if they’re bas enough, with a bob rather than shaving it all off lol. That was what made me brave enough to do it, but actually, I was surprised to find th bleached section isn’t even more frizzy or rough in texture, it’s soft and normal, so phew. Thanks about the blog- I’m not sure how it all worked out like this, but I’m definitely living my own dream, I’ve always been filled with wanderlust so this is basically perfection to me 🙂

      1. Yep, they say the 20 volume is less damaging; 30 the typical oxidizing lotion being used out there; and 40 the strongest, most damaging which salons or the pros use. Good to hear about your hair. Mine’s not damaged as well. Not even dry, just normal I think! Maybe because I only left the bleach on for 25 mins. I’m too scared that it might fall off if I kept it longer haha! I agree with the less-risky part since its hidden. If we mess it up, we can just always keep our hair down! 😉 thanks! Cheers to life! 🙂

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