Syracuse, NY: Dave and Buster’s/Mall Edition


It’s been a dream of mine for the last 3 years to go to Dave and Buster’s. It sounds silly, but as soon as I heard that there was such thing as an adult version of Chuckie Cheese, I was SOLD. So, of course while visiting my brother in the ‘Cuse, I had to hit up this magical land of skeeball (the only game I anticipated being excited about because I was born loving skeeball) and a ton of other, trendier, games.

M grabbed a beer, I grabbed a prosecco and we were off, playing a ton of games on our $30 worth of credits because we waited to go until half-price wednesday. All of the games cost half what they normally did, which I can verify because I scoped D&B’s out ahead of time, which meant that we got over 2 hours of play AND played the crazy games that normally cost too much to play. Our favorites were skeeball, the fake beer pong game, one where you throw balls to knock the clowns over (reminiscent of a carnival game) and even the game where you drop a coin to make others fall of the edge. We raced motorcycles, played Simpsons soccer, threw footballs (failing horribly) and I died while playing Dance Dance Revolution.

At the end I turned my tickets (1,566!) in for the “like” coffee mug, fun dip, nerds rope and a fake Rubik’s cube. The photo of the racetrack is from the mall as well- there’s a HUGE racetrack in the mall where the go-karts 35 mph winding through an indoor track. The fact that this even fits in a mall already loaded up with huge arcades, bowling alleys, an Imax theatre and a regular 17 screen theater just blows my mind. Apparently, the mall in Syracuse is the 6th biggest mall in America and after spending some time there, I definitely believe that… it has an indoor ropes and walkway course spanning the atrium in the 2nd and 3rd levels where kids are harnessed in and basically tightrope around amongst the rafters. Even without shopping, you could while away hours upon hours at this mall. They even provide parking and charging for your electric cars, which make sense because you could plug it in while on a roadtrip, then go eat or play in the mall for an hour or two. I can’t sum up how great this mall is, but I give it two thumbs up!


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