BLEACH ( next step- more purple)

Brassy brass brass

Guys, I have way too much time on my hands and not nearly enough healthy or productive things to do with it, *at the moment*. These things will soon change as we move to Virginia, I get a weekend job (I hope just weekends) and have plentiful outdoor activities. In the meantime, I’m bleaching the absolute crap out of only somewhat select parts of my hair. Again. But more this time. Because why not, because who cares, really? Because I won’t be interviewing for grad school for a long time and I’ve never had this much freedom before. I just realized that I plan to substitute teach and maybe they won’t like nutso hair? I feel like a classy up-do can fix some of that.

I’m really psyched that the area of Chesapeake Bay (near Buckroe Beach) we’re moving to is super great for stand-up paddleboarding since mine can finally come out of it’s carrying case and get LOTS of use. Also: the ocean. The end.

Anyway, I’ll edit this post with pictures when I’m done, even if it’s awful.


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