The Done-it List

I was thinking about bucket lists today and how they are a list of things that you want to do that you likely will have to wait a while to do and, of course, haven’t done yet. That’s fine, I like a good bucket list, I’ve made a few myself (and lost them in the approximately 25 notebooks and journals I’ve kept over the years, okay 40 is more likely). But, they’re so damn aspirational and they take time and money and other things that are hard to come by and it’s really kind of depressing sometimes to sit down and make a bucket list when you obviously want to do and go just about everywhere, so instead of compiling a bucket list, I decided a really great way to take stock of what I’ve done in my life that has enriched me and given me those moments of feeling like I’m living the dream would be to make a sort of bucket list of things I’ve done that I’m grateful for, or am happy I did, or were previous goals reached, etc. A done-it list. Because while I have many dreams, it’s good sometimes to sit back and realize how much you have been able to do. So, mine is here, but I’d love to hear about yours in the comments, or in your own blog.

1. Got my bachelor’s degree (my one-time bucket list said “get my bachelor’s degree”, we”re using parallel structure here 🙂 )

2. Parasailed in the Mediterrannean

3. Visited Paris & Nice, France

4. Stayed in a hostel

5. Lived in a state other than the one in which I was raised

6. Got married (I kind of never thought this would happen, I used to envision myself living in a custom-built one-room cottage because I’m strange)

7. Took myself on mini-vacations to California (Bay Area), New Orleans (before I knew I’d end up moving nearby), New York City and Boston.

8. Got a 4.0 in college and grad school (not overall, for 3 semesters)

9. Stayed close to my brother despite living far away and not having the closest family overall

10. Went to Puerto Rico (and now I want to go back every year, forever.)

11. Was published in a national literary journal

12. Made friends as an adult (I thought this was impossible)

13. Was an extra in the movies (this gig actually sucks, according to me. The people who want to be actors are way more into it)

14. Got tattoos

15. Went through that stage where you get your tongue pierced (twice) and immediately remove it. And nose (3x). And just lived out the rebellious first-time-on-my own stage until it was nearly immediately squashed because jobs didn’t allow those things.

16. Went horseback riding in Texas!

17. Tried non-hallucinogenic absinthe

18. Saw Incubus, Bright Eyes and Maroon5 live

I don’t know, I’m sure there’s more, but that’s a pretty good starting list of things that were once goals and now are memories/reality. It’s funny because as I wrote it I kept thinking that it sounded like bragging, and it was meant more as gratitude. I think maybe that’s an odd glitch, how it’s okay to talk about what you want to do, but it’s not okay to talk about what you have done. I say poo poo on that because we have this one life and we should be allowed to revel in it*.

*unless you believe in reincarnation, in which case, stop bragging. I kid.

I’ll probably follow this up with a bucket list at some point, but this seemed like a way to eventually make a bucket list without feeling like an unaccomplished slouch who, at 28, is just beginning a bucket list because nothing has been done yet. That’s just too one-sided. I enjoy a bucket-list/done-it list pairing. Anyway, I’m beginning to ramble, so I’ll call it quits now 🙂


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