Kit Kat’s Adventures in Packing

Kit Kat, who is almost a year old, has been just loving this whole packing to move thing.

Bubble Wrap Inspection
Bubble Wrap Inspection







She made sure that the bubble wrap was tough enough to withstand kitten teeth, attacked any dishes that tried to violate said bubble wrap, and was a huge help in unfolding the laundry as I folded it. She’s starting to get exhausted from all this and is wondering why we can’t just do it ourselves, but obviously we are doing it wrong and need her assistance, so she summons the energy.

We picked up the moving truck today (16 feet by whatever) and I guess my whining is more annoying than loading the truck up by himself, so C. kindly offered to just load the truck himself. I figured that would work out just fine since the boxes are mostly too heavy for me to pick up anyway, though at the new place I’m going to have to do it and just put them down 50x on the trip from the truck to the 2nd floor apartment. My plan was to fold C.’s massive heap of clean laundry, but Kit Kat was so helpful that few pieces remain folded. I guess I’ll have to make it up to C. by doing all the scrubbing and cleaning once things are moved out, it’s the least I can do and I’m sure that playing video games while I clean will boost his morale. (yeah… we’re leaving the xbox and tv until the morning of the move, which is tomorrow!!!)

I’ll likely be updating a lot about this move because it’s exciting to me, so expect a lot of moving posts.


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