Training for a 5k

I decided that I want to get back into running again, despite a decade as a smoker (still smoking :/) and more than a decade since I ran a 5k. This post is kind of for my own benefit, so if a bunch of slow stats bore you, this is boring). I’ve been exercising outside in Louisiana since February, with a couple months doing nothing because I was discouraged by not only a lack of results, but by gaining weight despite 3 or 4 workouts a week. But on August 1st I decided I was going to do a 5k in Virginia on Oct 4th and forced myself to run one mile without stopping to walk and see a) if I could do it and b) what my time would be. I ran one mile in 9:46, which is really shitty compared to my sub 6 minute miles in high school, but I actually expected it to be 11:00, so honestly I was pretty happy it was under 10 minutes and that I was physically capable of doing it.

This is the race that I already forked over $48 for, so I can't back out.
This is the race that I already forked over $48 for, so I can’t back out.

Since August 1st, I’ve moved to Virginia from Louisiana and made probably 40 trips up and down the stairs with heavy boxes, so running hasn’t been a priority. I did 2 miles in 25:44 Aug 3rd (clearly mixed walking in there) and didn’t run again until this afternoon. I treated myself to 2 pairs of running shorts from Marshall’s yesterday (for only a total of $20, which is great since they had price tags on them saying $32 and $48 and I would not pay that) so I just had to take them for a spin. I know it’s supposed to be rude to talk about money, by the way, but I never can help myself since I love to talk about a deal or confess my spending sins. So, yeah, it’s gonna happen.

I bought this awesome pair of shorts with built in biker-short type things to prevent my thighs from chafing because I definitely do not have a thigh gap. They worked and I mostly ran, but also walked, 1.8 miles in 20:59 today. I think that’s a slightly better pace than the 2 miles I did the other day. Baby baby steps. I am super sore all over from moving, but surprisingly I felt no pain on my little run. I still have a long way to go before I am running 3.2 miles non-stop, but I’d love to get there soon so that I can train with the Peninsula Road Runners, a group I joined but am not yet in shape enough to actually run with.

fancy new running shorts and my first Virginia workout
fancy new running shorts and my first Virginia workout



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