Trillium Trail: Take One

Today’s workout was supposed to be 3.3 miles, and it was at least that, but according to Runkeeper and my brain it was over 9 miles. According to nike plus it was 3.5 which sounds right because it includes the trail and parking lot I was in. This was my first time trying runkeeper and I got this:

in reality, this is wrong, in my head, it feels about right.
in reality, this is wrong, in my head, it feels about right.

In real life, I walked and ran the perimeter of the green area. It. Was. Hell. I’ve been putting off buying new running shoes until I prove that I’m going to use them enough, but despite relacing my shoes, my left foot was numb for the last mile and a half or more. It’s hard to be sure because neither I nor runkeeper had any clue where I was in relation to anything but the highway most of the time. For some reason I always decide the best time to run is during the hottest time of the day, so of course I headed out shortly after 1 pm for my first 3.3 mile workout. I don’t bring water because you don’t get water most of the time during a 5k so I want to know that I can handle that. It’s normally fine but uncomfortable, but today I kept wondering if I was lost and I stopped sweating and started shivering at some point so I was a little worried that I was going to die of heat exhaustion alone in the woods.

I figured if heat exhaustion didn’t get me, a rattlesnake probably would and my fast-pumping heart would speed that poison right along. I think really peaceful thoughts while running alone in the woods and I come out looking like death, so obviously running is very zen and rejuvenating for me.

This is why instagram is full of yoga selfies, not running selfies.
This is why instagram is full of yoga selfies, not running selfies.

So far I haven’t lost any weight doing this, but my ugly selfie game is on point.

I did take some pictures of the lake area before I started, so it’s not all wonky maps and purple faces.

image image

I should have gone fishing instead.
I should have gone fishing instead.

 So today’s workout was 3.3 miles (goal reached!) in 43 minutes. That’s a pace of 13:01/mi which should fetch me last place in my age division. I’m hoping to not be dragging a dead foot behind me next time so it’s time for new shoes. I definitely walked most of it thanks to time spent trying to bring my foot back to life (it didn’t work). I maybe ran a total of a mile, mile and a half and walked the rest while looking behind me for boogeymen and around me for snakes. I am SO much fun on trails! Next time I think I’ll take a more populated route when it’s not super hot and humid and hopefully run more than I walk. At least I did a little beyond a 5k distance, that’s a start! 

Sorry the picures are so small, by the way, I don’t seem to get to choose the size anymore, but if you click them I think they are bigger. Don’t click the selfie, though. That doesn’t need anyyyy more detail. Hope your workouts go better than mine did today!


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