Lindsay’s Visit: Days One and Two

My best friend of 16 years came to visit me in my new home and helped me explore this new town. We managed to fit a lot into 4 days.
Day one:
Took a walk around the trails at Sandy Bottom (is that where Spongebob lives?? Not the same one, if so). Briefly considered renting a yurt for a night but the no water, no electricity, no alcohol thing swayed us towards nopesville.
Grabbed coffee at the slowest Starbucks on earth and spent hours shopping for clothes, shoes and household supplies.
That night we headed out on the town for dinner and drinks. We came up with a plan to take progressively drunk selfies with a prop from each bar, but only managed at 2 of the 3 because the third bar was scary and we didn’t want to make ourselves look like dumb drunk girls (easy targets).


We played a couple games of pool at the last bar and were told to be safe by both the bartender and security guard as we were leaving. We’d only had 3 drinks total at that point so it was definitely that the neighborhood was bad and not that we seemed drunk ( also we were on foot, not driving). We realized that W. Mercury Blvd. is the proverbial tracks here and we’d crossed to the “wrong side”. When we got back to the apartment we stayed up until past 5am talking over wine so day two involved delivery Chinese food, t.v. and a trip to the bookstore for magazines and coffee. Days 3 and 4 deserve their own post as they were jam packed, so I’ll leave off for now with a photo of my fish tacos from day one. They were delicious.



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