Lindsay’s Visit Day 3

Day three was pretty packed with plans (at least it was for two homebodies like us) and we were really doubting we’d do everything we’d planned, but the only thing we ended up skipping was cine bistro since watching a movie inside on such a nice day seemed like a waste.

We started at the nail salon where L got a mani pedi, while I got a pedi and eyebrow wax. I have weirdly shaped fingernails so I don’t bother with manis.

After getting pampered we walked a couple blocks to have sushi for lunch. The first place we went to didnt have public bathrooms, something I thought was required, so we boycotted them on principle and went to a different sushi restaurant. They had a lunch special of two maki rolls, miso soup and salad for $10.95 so we both got that. It was so filling that we needed a coffee break (again at the slowest starbucks on earth- they don’t even have a drive thru I don’t get what they are doing back there.)

Once caffeinated we headed back to Sandy Bottom Nature Park and rented a rowboat. We looked like absolute idiots at first as we each grabbed an oar and spun in circles until we learned to coordinate our rowing. We went to the middle of the small lake and read magazines, occasionally rowing as we drifted too far in one direction or the other. We were alone on the lake so it wasn’t as if we were bothering anyone. It’s only 3 dollars an hour to rent the boat, too, so we had no stress about time.

We made it back to the apartment in time to get ready for 6pm yoga, I’d even bought an extra mat for guests to use, so we were all dressed for yoga, carrying our mats through the pool area and, of course, arrived to an ominously empty studio. Apparently yoga was cancelled, which L had actually predicted would happen because that kind of thing always happens to us. We decided to make our own yoga and spent quite a while stretching before leaving.

That night we went downtown for a seafood dinner at Old Towne Tavern or something. The food was delicious- L had scallops and I had a grouper Reuben which was so messy and yummy. We were pretty sketched out by downtown overall so we didn’t linger after dinner as we’d planned. It was small, dive-y and a bit of a ghost town. We headed back to my neighborhood which is by far the nicest area we encountered in our explorations. C did a great job picking our apartment!

I leave you with my adorable bestie on the rowboat! Sadly I only have one more day to recap now, as she left last night. I wanted to keep her forever and ever, but real life called!


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