I Used to Look Cheap, but Now I am Expensive.

My transformation, at least hair-wise, into a classy lady of Hampton Roads is complete. I guess it’s about time I stop trying to look like a my little pony who lost it’s plastic hairbrush because damn, guys, I’m gonna be 29 in October. Which also means that having my hair professionally died has the added bonus of covering grays. Because I have had those since I was 19, but they have multiplied tenfold since then. I tried at-home dyes and they wouldn’t quite take so now I have an excuse to get pampered every 6-8 weeks and try cool things like ombre balayage. I’m kind of lucky really, because while I may be too old for DIY rainbow hair (especially witht hose gray hairs popping out), I am not too old to experiment with some of those subtler , yet still fun, techniques. 

So anyway, since I already showed you the before/after from the cut, now here’s the before/after color. You know, it’s definitely true that looks that are considered “classy” are pretty much reserved for those with some cold hard cash to throw at their appearance because there is NO WAY I could ever achieve this look at home, it took 3 hours and way more mixtures than you’d expect. Meanwhile, I definitely achieved my randomly bleached rainbow hair all by myself and it cost like $20, but literally 0 people ever called that look “classy”.

after cut and color
after cut and color
in different lighting; its more of a natural blend of tones than a traditional highlight
in different lighting; its more of a natural blend of tones than a traditional highlight
after cut, before color
after cut, before color


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