My Husband, the Gypsy

While I am the one with the cliche-ed “gypsy soul”, it is my husband who is ever in motion, mapping routes and setting up in a new spot. He was only here for three short days after we moved before heading off to NJ, then NY, for work. Those three days were spent unloading the moving van and then (on his part) never leaving the apartment in the hopes of feeling a little relaxed before jetting off to work again.

This past winter and spring, work wasn’t very busy for him and he was around almost always, but now it appears his job has turned him back into a traveller and he’s not been home much at all. I’ve been looking forward to his coming back to Virginia ever since he left. I’ve discovered so many cool things that I want to explore with him, and we’re quite behind on our “Shameless” dvd watching, which is best done with take-out. Anyway, I’m going to Maine this weekend to celebrate my father’s birthday and (quickly) visit family, and C is now coming home right in the middle of the time I’ll be gone. That would be fine if he were staying for a week, but apparently even staying a few days to watch the cats took some arranging on his part, and so, it seems, our visit will be very very brief. I was going to start driving monday and be home tuesday, but he’s going to somewhere as yet unknown to work on a wind project either tuesday or wednesday, so I’m going to try to cram that 15 hour drive into just one day so that maybe we get half a day together before he leaves again. Guys, this is not what I was expecting and I’m pretty bummed out about it at the moment, especially since he’s going to an island off Africa right after this next project. But… but maybe he’ll be able to get a cat-friendly hotel so I can drive out with the cats and visit (again, hugely depending on where he will be) or I’ll find a cat-sitter and fly out to see him for a weekend. We will make it work, as we always do, but I’m hoping this version of “making it work” means we actually see each other because sometimes we don’t for 3 months and that always sucks.

So, let’s hope he’s nearby-ish or I can find someone to look after the cats because this half-day visit is definitely not going to be enough time with him before he heads off to Africa. Life is pretty unpredictable with his job which is exactly why I’ avoiding getting a full-time gig of my own. Working weekends or as a sub definitely allows me more flexibility when it comes time to either fly off and see my husband or else not see him at all. 


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