My Trip to Maine, in iPhone(4) Photos

Since I’m getting an upgrade when the new iPhone comes out, I had to specify how old my current phone is so I can later ooh and ahh over how great my new phone’s camera is. Because I don’t care about having the newest of basically anything, I’m waiting only because I’m hoping the iPhone 5s will go down to $99 w contract not this crazy $199 price. If it doesn’t, friends, I will likely be the proud owner of the 5c while everyone is on a waiting list for the 6. And I won’t care. Speaking of phones, you’d think I wouldn’t ramble so much when updating from my phone, but my fat thumbs have mastered this keyboard! Ok, no, they haven’t. Autocorrect is basically writing this post.
Uh so pictures.


The bridge from NH into Maine, and the eastern peninsula of VA as seen from the amazingly long Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel.


My in-law’s amazing backyard. It’s even better in person because I didn’t quite capture how hilly it is. It seems like it should be Ireland or something.


I texted this picture of my dad scrubbing my car for me to C and said “this is why I’m a princess”. He was like “O lord” because he knows it’s true. My dad used to always change my oil for me too and he offered but I wouldn’t let him, I was there for his birthday, not scheduled maintenance! The truck belongs to John, the awesome neighbor across the street but he said I missed the best part- the ghost flames (painted on only visible in certain light or something).



The one with the nice weather was in Delaware, the traffic going north from the beaches looked rough but my way was clear! The other two are at the lookout before you go south over the Chesapeake bridge.
Okay, so there you have the relatively few pictures of my trip and the relatively high amount of anecdotes and rambling. Have a good weekend!


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