Blue Apron with a Dummy (I’m obviously not being paid for this)

So I signed up for Blue Apron, the pescatarian version. They delivered the first $60 box full of all the fresh ingredients necessary for 2 vegetarian and one pescatarian meal(s) today, so if course I had to dive in and try it. I started with an easier one- cavetelli pasta with golden tomatoes and basil seed ricotta or something.



The pretty little recipe card thinks I’m much more adept in the kitchen than I am, so when it asked me to multitask, or assumed I cut tomatoes and garlic in the time it takes water to boil and oil to warm up, I knew myself better and did one thing at a time. Once I was done my slow prep work I fired up the burners beneath the pot and pan and then I proudly (ok I was a mess) did two things at once, using wine for comfort and music to time those quick intervals where something needs 1-3 minutes.
Besides adding too much water to my garlic, tomato, pasta pan after the pasta was al dente and then having to probably cook it all into a mush to reduce the sauce, it was pretty smooth sailing. Definitely an easy starter recipe.


Now, I don’t have a picture of it plated all pretty like a blogger is supposed to because I left it on the stove (off the heat) because cooking is so stressful to me that I just don’t even want to deal with the food anymore once it’s done. I will plate it and eat it, but we need some time apart first.
But this is exactly why I got Blue Apron, I have the hardest time coming up with any non-casserole or wildly unhealthy things to cook and eat. Also ingredients usually go to waste because I use them for one meal and have no idea what else to do with them, so this thing where they send only what you need is great. Also it’s the freshest stuff and it costs less than I would ever spend trying to buy all these ingredients and I’m not wasting and most of all, I will be learning so many new techniques (and basics!). Y’all I had to watch a YouTube video about how to turn romaine lettuce into a salad the other day, so I NEED this. I also need the Pinot Grigio that I didn’t have time to sip while cooking. So, doing that.


3 thoughts on “Blue Apron with a Dummy (I’m obviously not being paid for this)

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  1. So you would buy the box again or just go to your local market buy the ingredients and use the recipe ? Is $60 for 3 meals is a little expensive given 2 are vegetarian ? Good luck on your cooking journey

    1. I would buy again because although I agree that $60 seems a lot for the vegetarian, I’ve noticed that whenever I buy ingredients to make a recipe, vegetarian or not, I end up spending $20 at the grocery store.

    2. And my recipes are usually all canned stuff. This tasted great and the salmon I got for one of the meals kind of makes up for the price, too, but everyone has a different idea of what they’d like to spend on a meal and I did originally think the price was high at $20 per 2-3 serving meal. Thanks for commenting and asking! Sorry my ipad cut me off on that first comment 🙂

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