Friday Nights Home Alone

Sometimes I question my decisions to repeatedly leave behind everyone I know, my hard-won friends and move to a new place for no reason in particular. Not that I questio it for no reason in particular, but I do it for no reason in particular. I am still friendless in Virginia, but that doesn’t seem weird to me since it took me years, plural years for real, to make good friends in Louisiana. It’s odd, having a group of friends in Louisiana, a single solid friend left in Maine, one in New York… I guess the thing is that people started moving on from Louisiana and those who were left I saw about once a month and it was great, but once a month is not enough to make the other days spent in a place that had never quite grown on me bearable. I could grin and bear it but I felt I’d done enough of that. I still feel like moving was the right decision and it has made visiting with my friends and family in Maine and New York much easier. Or, it did before I started working days a week, which by the way, I’m still waiting on HR to decide if it’s permanent.

As the weather cools off there are less things to keep me occupied in my off-time, not that I am ever that great about actually leaving the house and doing things. I was hitting the beach a couple of times a week for a run and going to the patio of Park Lane Tavern about once a week, but now it’s kind of cold for both of those, The tavern will probably not be an option anytimme soon, but I should bundle up and get to the beach again soon. i say bundle up and it’s like 50, so I’m a baby, but that’s four years of Deep South for ya.

Anyway, C. is finally coming home for a few days next week and even though I’m working we’ll have the weekend.It will be nice to have someone to do things with for a change. End ramble post.


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