Holiday Excitement

First of all, I’m SO excited to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year for my brother and I. Since I’m pescatarian and he’s a foodie, I’ve planned a yummy, fresh and non-traditional feast with a great blend of fatty rich food, protein and lean veggies. And of course sugar for desert though I have virtually no sweet tooth. Here’s the menu:
Beer Cheese Soup (I’m adding broccoli to the recipe I found on a blog)
Cheesy Bread, courtesy of the bro
Shrimp and Cheesy Grits (w/ zucchini, cherry tomatoes, corn and smoked paprika)
Tricolored Bell Pepper Stir-Fry
and Maple and Brown Sugar cookies

It’s no accident that this menu calls for both beer and wine so that we get to enjoy the 75% that’s left over. We basically morph into 21 year olds when we get together. Well, 21 year olds who can cook and drink higher quality beverages than bud light and cheap tequila. Does that just make us run-of-the-mill alcoholics? Don’t answer that, we know.

Anyway, I’m so excited to have good company, good food and probably a 2-day hangover.

I’ve also already started thinking about and shopping for Christmas. I’m half-way done C.’s and my Christmas shopping, which means I’ve done a lot since I have taken over the shopping for everyone on our list. As far as our gifts to each other, I suggested that since neither of us really needs or wants anything major, it might be fun to just put together nice stockings for each other. C. was on board with the idea even though it probably requires more shopping and thinking about shopping than he prefers. I’m totally going to have fun with it, though, since it’s much easier to think of little things that he’d like but doesn’t think to buy for himself than a big thing (especially since I just got him Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for an early birthday gift). I only managed to surprise him with that because I pre-ordered it and gave it to him before he knew it existed.
Happy Holiday planning, hope yours is as fun as mine has been!


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