What I’m Loving Wednesday 12/10/14


Tricking my cat into playing with dirty words for my amusement. Also the awesomely illustrated envelopes my inappropriate stickers and Cards and Against Humanity cards came in. Take a look:


And that tooth! I just love how she sleeps with her head upside down and that little fang tip visible.


The best face lotion I’ve ever tried because it actually gets absorbed into my skin whereas the other 4 or 5 kinds I’ve tried sit on top of my skin and when I rub my face, roll off on my fingers. Gross. This stuff is amazing. Also my pretty new makeup bag which has really helped me neaten up my bathroom as I now have my everyday stuff in there and the sporadically used products and supplies in a second bag in the cabinet.

And finally my dessert tonight, which was the perfect size for me since I’m not much for sweets (but can’t stop with salty stuff!). Having a small sweet tooth really helps at the yogurt shop because my total was all of $1.85 and I was satisfied for a couple hours before baking curly fries. #fatblogger.



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