8 Week “Bump”

I’m not going to lie to you. What you are about to see is not a baby bump because although my uterus has already doubled in size, it had yet to rise enough to be responsible for any bumpiness. I wanted to start before I had a baby bump so I could monitor its progress, so here I am, at 8 weeks showing you my bloat bump.


I gained 5-6 pounds the day before I got my positive test, at just past 3 weeks, and I gained it overnight. Now, at 8 I’m 3-4 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight because luckily some of the bloat deflated. Basically I gained 5 lbs and lost 2 of them so far this pregnancy. Probably when I switched from eating like this:


To eating like this:


I could still be better but I’m trying to eat a range of nutrients and subbed tangerines for bags of chips. Thinking about eating chips grosses me out since around the switch anyway, so it was pretty easy. Though I think I could do some salt and vinegar chips, though I won’t!

I’ll also do a weekly update (and have been in a document for myself) but of course that has to come further into the week. This has sort of been a half-hearted update. I promise to try to work on my pictures and organize my updates in the coming weeks šŸ˜‰


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