Hormones and the Husband.

C. came home for almost two weeks and quickly realized that the wife he came home to was not the wife he left. Basically, hormones have gently tweaked certain parts of my personality. Like the patient part and the part that was responsible for de-escalating any potential arguments between us. I didn’t realize how much my calmly talking through things when he gets impatient or snippy instead of snapping back keeps us from fighting until I lost the ability. We were like that crazy Italian couple in the gelato commercial who can’t stop shouting at each other. Not all the time, but a few times in the two weeks and for us, that’s a lot. So, that was different. Luckily, 95% of the time we just peacefully binge watched season four of Shameless (pre-ordered a month ago because we’re addicted!) and then he’d go to bed at 930 or 10 and I’d spend the next few hours laying around reading babycenter.

I’m apparently way less annoying from afar, but I do still manage to drive him crazy even with 5 states between us. Today it was a phone call about how nothing in the house sounded good but I couldnt go get take out because it was freezing cold outside and also if you leave our apartment after 4pm you’ll never find a parking space within 1/4 mile again, and I have the biggest, angriest hormonal zit of my whole entire life and im soooo hungry and I want a salad and sandwich  but pregnant women cant eat ANYTHING. So, yeah, I am a very annoying pregnant woman sometimes. I ended up finding the one sandwich from Jimmy Johns that I could eat, thanks to the cold cut ban and the mercury in tuna, and ordering delivery. For some reason, I basically wrote an ode to that sub-par looking BLT made with shredded iceberg lettuce. After all the whining, he got two long textx about how disappointing my sandwich looked versus how perfect it was and how it was the first thing to actually hit the spot in forever because I mostly just tolerate food this last month. Oh, the rollercoaster of emotions involved in dinner today was just special.


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