9 Week Bump and 8 week summary

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So, the screen shot is an overview of my eating in my 8th week… it can’t tell you much other than my calories unfortunately, but know that I do strive for balance and try to avoid gestational diabetes.

Total weight gain this pregnancy (as of 9w): 2-3 lbs. My labs came back from my mid 7 week appointment and I’m super healthy and not a carrier for thalassemia or cystic fibrosis which were the two genetic diseases I was tested for based on my French Canadian heritage and my caucasian-ness. The only lab which came back “abnormal”, as they said on my voice mail causing me to hold my breath for a few beats, was my vitamin D levels. Phew, okay that’s not scary or unexpected. I started gummy vitamin D supplements in addition to my pre-natal as directed.

Speaking of pre-natals I’m still taking an over the counter on ( that has 1000 mcg of folic acid) because the NP called mein a script but that vitamin was $40 after insurance which is just ridiculous to me. The pharmacist tried to make this seem not crazy by saying it’s $130 without insurance, which honestly, is just stupid to me. I had them put it back because I’m not spending $40 a month on vitamins when the first NP I saw mentioned that she has a prenatal she recommends that comes out to $3/month and has all that DHA and folic acid and what not. I tried reaching her this week but was on hold for a while so I decided I’d stop in later this week and of course it’s been well below freezing for days and I’m refusing to leave the house. I’ll go Monday.

What else… it’s still been impossible to find most food appealing. Food seems to become especially unpalatable if I bought it in advance from the grocery store to cook and eat later like a normal human being. I’m hoping this fades with the first trimester in a few weeks and I can finally eat the stockpiled trader joes in my freezer. Oh, so I haven’t gained any weight in the last week, but I swear I look thicker in the waist despite that. The baby is now the size of a grape and just today graduated from embryo to fetus!

This has been long enough, so this has been the 8 week update and 9 week bump, thanks for reading if you made it to the end. Sorry for the vitamin rant detour.


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