10 Week Bump and 9 Week Summary



I’ve actually lost 2-3 lbs since 8 weeks, but you wouldn’t know it looking at  my gut. I’m still not showing in the sense that I’m not obviously pregnant, but C. and I can definitely tell a difference. And now a summary of my 9th week:

Weight gain this pregnancy: 2 lbs above ppw (ppw= pre-pregnancy weight)

Cravings?: soup and cold cereal. Specifically, waffle crisp, corn pops and chicken noodle soup. I don’t know if I’d call it a craving so much as these are foods that I’ve found to be not only tolerable, but good, multiple days in a row.

Aversions?: I walked out of the bedroom this morning and immediately said “Oh my god, what is that SMELL?!” C. had made PF Changs General Tso’s Chicken and it smelled absolutely awful to me and kinda started my morning on the lightly queasy side. So, I guess I still have my first trimester distaste for chinese food.

Hormonal Shit: I cried and laughed at myself for crying at the same time. I held my little orange cat and sang “You Are My Sunshine” to her multiple times because I was overwhelmed by how sweet she is. I want to scream everytime said cat uses my boobs as a launch pad.

Other: To celebrate being 25% through this pregnancy and having made it to double-digit weeks, I had my first cup of coffee this morning!! It was good and slowly sipped an savored.

Oh yeah, and on my week of eating: I need 300 extra calories a day, which I guess explains how I ate an average of almost 2000 cals a day and lost a pound this week.


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