11 Week Bump and Update

image image image

total weight gain: 2.5

This past week I was hungry!! As you can see. And at 10w6d I found that while I could button my pants, they were quite uncomfortable. I still look pudgy not prego, but it’s obvious that this lime-sized baby and grapefruit-sized uterus are displacing some things because while most of me is the same, my belly is not cooperating with my clothes. And I managed to outgrow my size large sports bra already, though it’s been a tight fit since week 5 so I shouldn’t be too surprised.

Not much else pregnancy related this week. I’ve been frustrated at not being able to find the baby on the Doppler, or a little worried, but it’s hard for doctors to find at this point so I know it’s normal that I can’t find it. When I found it before the baby wasn’t moving yet, and this active fetus is much harder to pin down for me! I decided to put up the Doppler since I won’t risk overuse by trying for too long or every day and Im hoping having it out of sight will make it easier to wait for my next appointment at 12 weeks 5 days.

also this week, the ugly. Four straight days of headaches and only useless Tylenol at my disposal. I only bothered trying it once and of course it made no difference. And apparently I must always have a giant, awkwardly placed hormonal zit. This week it’s on my nose. The front of my nose. Last week’s hasn’t even fully faded so I have the nose zit and a red dot on my upper lip. So, yeah, glowing can replace this any time.


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