Moving and bumps and stuff

I am excited to say that we are moving in just under 8 weeks! Well, excited and anxious because oh my god, we JUST did this!! But this time we are hiring people to load a van and drive our stuff 800 miles and then unload our stuff, yay!! We don’t own that much, so it’s going to cost less than I expected, though it is not cheap by any means. And, oh yeah, we are in the process of buying a house. If all goes well with the inspection this week and subsequent appraisal we will be closing March 16th and moving March 21st.

Once we got that figured out, I made an appointment with an OB in Bangor, Maine (where we are moving) for my anatomy scan. We’re moving right after I hit 19 weeks, so my appointment is March 24 and I’ll be 19w4d. Since it’s right after the move I am optimistic that C. will actually be able to to be there!

In other news that isn’t really as news-worthy at all, I now have a bump in front view as well as side view! I am definitely not showing, haven’t popped, etc, but for people who know me and what I usually look like I am showing a little from the front and side now. And it snowed an inch or two here in hampton roads, which the cats were quite interested in. I let them check it out on the balcony and there are cute little paw prints in the snow now.

image image11w3d bumpimage image so good.imageSNOW, omg, snow!


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