12 Week Bump and Update

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I feel like this week my belly has started to make the transition from bloat/displaced organs to bump. It’s subtle but it looks to me less thick all over and more concentrated… Will this awkward stage where I look chunky be over soon? My uterus did finally rise above my pelvic bones this week, and it seemed to make a difference. It feels lately that that my belly is always sticking out, not just after I eat or at the end of the day, it’s like just kind of out there all the time, saying hi to everyone even though no one would guess baby so probably people who see me think i carb load and drink a lot of beer to have such a gut. Which is fine because in 197 or so days maybe I will even just do that. Okay not really right away and that sounds gross right now.


Speaking of food, there’s where I was at this week. Baby and I were both fed, but not over fed. Or, not overfed by my standards. I aim for an average of 1900-2000. That’s actually a lot of food since I don’t have empty calories from wine or soda in there. I have one Gatorade or orange juice mixed with Perrier a day if I want and the rest of the day I drink loads of water.

Total Weight Gain: 3 lbs (it fluctuated between 2-3 but the average was 3 so I’ll go by that)

This past week I’ve taken to have one cuppa something caffeinated in an attempt to drive out the daily headaches. Also tried Tylenol (duh) and magnesium supplements in conjunction. The headaches are usually much more bearable after some combination of these things.

I already posted a lot this week, so Im surprised I even had this much to say. But there’s more! I saw the baby yesterday on ultrasound and got loads of cute pictures and some creepy ones because the poor baby is twelve weeks, some angles are bound to be creepy. Heartbeat was between 148 and 152 and im officially stating that I think it’s a boy. And now because mom guilt kicks in early, I feel bad for spying on my baby in the womb and then calling it creepy 😦 ahhh hormones!

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