16 Week Bump and Update



This week I’m super cranky thanks to it being the second week I’ve been snowed in. Both this week and last, schools and etc were closed tues-fri thanks to two snow storms in which we got 6-8 inches. For Hampton that’s a ton and the roads are terrible and it’s basically stupid to get in your car and drive until the weather warms up enough to melt the snow because you’re likely to get hit by someone who can’t drive in it. So many people are stationed here from all over the country that there are already a hundred different driving styles on the road, but in a storm, we’re stuck sharing the road with people who may have never experienced snow or even just the locals who aren’t used to it sticking. They cancel school far after the storm is over just bc they can’t handle removing the snow and just rely on the sun to take care of it. So, in order to protect the baby growing in my belly, I’ve been stuck at home, eating whatever we happen to have with high cabin fever for all but two days of the last 14. I didn’t even want to do this update, but it’s tradition! But damn, im hangry. And C. left for work Sunday so I haven’t had human contact in days.

Only two and a half more weeks and we move into our new house and we will be near people I know and love and hallelujah for that.

Total weight gain:
This week was weird. All week I was actually down .5 lbs from last week (so +3lbs total) and then suddenly I woke up Thursday morning a full and exact pound heavier. Apparently this is how I gain weight since that’s also what happened around 13 weeks. Since the pound was still there this morning, I’ll assume it intends to stick around, so total weight gain is now at 4 lbs! It’s really weird to gain a pound overnight while eating way less since my appetite took a nose dive for most of the week, but I don’t mind because duh, I’m pregnant. If this happens post-partum, however, I will burn things.

Symptoms and stuff:
The ligaments (I think?) in my inner upper thighs have been a bit sore this week, despite my not having done anything out of the ordinary. I guess that relaxin from all the progesterone is getting to more than just my abdomen. I think I got that right, but don’t quote me on it.
I haven’t felt the baby any more this week, or at least not the obvious popcorn popping feeling. It’s too soon to expect to regularly feel him or her, so im just happy when I do feel baby.
I think my uterus is up to just below my belly button, but I’ll know for sure where it’s hanging out when I see the OB next Wednesday.

We find out if the baby is a boy or a girl 3 weeks from today!! Hurrah!!


15 Week Bump and Update

15 weeks is such a nice number, somehow it’s being divisible by 5 makes it seem so much more substantial than those silly in between numbers… Seriously, what am I saying? I guess I was trying to say being 15 weeks feels special, but for absolutely no good reason other than that it sounds good. The starred paragraphs are a huge explanation and rant about eating while pregnant, marked so you can skip that if you’re not a pregnant woman wanting some damn real talk.


Total Weight Gain: 3.5 lbs This Week: 0.0 lbs
**I was a bottomless pit of hunger this week and I swear I’m not exaggerating when I say that the only days this past week when I wasn’t physically hungry all the time (like hunger pangs, uncomfortable hungry!) was on the days when I ate MORE than 2400 calories. I honestly didn’t even want to include my little calorie count picture this week, because all over the Internet everyone says you only need 300 extra calories per day in your second trimester. I believed this and at first aimed for 2200 calories, that was a miserable failure, so I upped it to 2400. Was still hungry, but tried to stick to it because I believed the Internet over my own body. Well, my body was right and whoever picked “300 calories” was wrong because not only was i miserably hungry on those days, but I also didn’t gain a single ounce despite eating a ton more than usual this week.

**So the reason I risk embarassing myself with how much I ate this week is because I needed it, and I actually really needed more! I didn’t dare to trust my body because nowhere did i find anything saying that if you are 14 weeks or 15 weeks pregnant and so hungry despite eating “enough” then maybe you need to just eat more. I mean everyone says, “eat when you’re hungry, as long as it’s healthy and you really don’t need as much extra as you think”. Well, if I don’t need more than 300 extra calories, i CAN’T eat when I’m hungry, healthy or otherwise. Did some male non-pregnant doctor come up with that number? Where did it even come from? I am now going to eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full, I’ll keep track of everything as I have been (in large part i do it to track nutrients and the carb/fat/protein ratio) and I’ll report it here. I want someone who is actually pregnant to talk about how much they are eating in an honest way, with numbers and corresponding weight gain instead of vague talk and contradictory statements about eating when hungry but also in moderation and also only healthy blah blah blah. So, I’ll be that person. As long as I’m gaining an appropriate amount of weight, I will eat when I’m hungry no matter how scary the calorie count looks. It’s been crazy to see what a difference there is between what “they” say I need and what im finding my body actually needs.

Okay, other things. I was so wrong when I said I might have felt round ligament pain before. Yesterday morning I had real round ligament pain and it was like scary painful and spanned an area of 6-8 inches! It was almost excruciating while moving, still painful while laying still and even hours later it was still tender to the touch. If I hadn’t read other people freaking out about the pain and wondering if they were losing the baby, I might have panicked myself. Except that it lessened over time, that’s a good sign that it’s not bad/serious. But yeah, RLP is no joke, holy painful!! Just another sign that baby is growing big time in there this week.

I experienced quickening this week, or baby’s first movements noticeable to me. I felt it at night before bed Wednesday and again while sipping coffee the next morning. It lasted longer than I expected and felt like bubbles popping against my uterus about two inches below and to the left of my belly button. I asked some of my pregnant and formerly pregnant friends and they confirmed my suspicions that it was the baby moving around! Some people mistake it for gas, or will tell you it’s gas, but I found it to be a more pronounced sensation than a gas bubble and the popping was way more frequent than you’d ever feel with gas unless you were in deep trouble. Also, I didn’t have gas before during or after the feeling (even in the 15 hrs in between the two occasions) so, hello baby!

More Symptoms (all long-standing, some never mentioned)I still need coffee to avoid headaches, my nose has been bloody for 8 weeks with no sign of letting up, and for about the same amount of time I burp so much. I burp when hungry, nauseous or full, it’s so much that C banned me from saying excuse me a long time ago. Luckily (I guess?)they’re just annoying little burps that I can almost hide, not big ole belches, but yeah, pregnancy is not sexy. Aside from the giant boob thing, I mean.

Less than two weeks and I’ll have my quad screening and hear the heartbeat again. The Fetal Doppler is still not allowed back in this house, so I’m anxious to hear baby again. I feel like Im not growing and was worried, but C says my belly IS bigger than it was two weeks ago, so I guess it is all starting to look the same to me, that’s why pictures for comparison are cool. Plus Ive seen with other people that it’ll look almost the same for weeks and then bam, big difference in a week’s time. I want to catch those times!

This has been so, so long. I won’t even apologize though because then I’ll just seem insincere the next time I ramble on for paragraph after paragraph.

14 Week Bump and Update



Well, now I’m in the second trimester by anyone’s standard! Hoo-rah!
As you can see, I felt a real uptick in my appetite last week and also having company meant being out and about more and thus eating out more. I updated my app so it would stop telling me to eat 1680 cals/day. It would have been even worse if not for my love of the half sandwich and salad thing at Panera Bread. I think I’ve been lucky to have healthy cravings to balance out cravings like yesterday’s day-long yearning to eat only Wendy’s frostys. I had a jr. frosty (and a billion-calorie chicken sandwich) but I wanted MORE. In fact, today I might skip the sandwich and have a frosty for lunch. Nah, the moment has probably passed.

I did walk a lot more last week than usual, averaging 1.2 miles per day, with a high of 3 miles. It’s probably really sad that that was a lot of walking for me. Honestly, I aim for a mile per day and often fall short. My monthly average for comparison is .77 mi/day.

Total weight gain this pregnancy: 3.5 lbs

Symptoms and stuff: I didn’t realize that my uterus would be tender to the touch/press. Everyone on the baby boards talks about how they know it’s their uterus vs bloat because it’s hard when they press it, but never mentioned that it’s uncomfortable to press it. I am still boycotting my Doppler and may not use it again, it worries me. It will be so great when I can actually feel the baby moving and know it is okay, but I’ve seen a healthy jumping bean on ultrasounds now so I’m just keeping the faith. I get pains sometimes when I’m really moving around a lot which I think are round ligament pains. Headaches persist but are still not too bad with coffee.

13 Week Bump and Update

Bam! I’ve got a baby belly.



The general consensus this week is that I’m visibly pregnant, though a stranger without access to a before picture might assume I’m chunky and built like a barrel.

Total weight gain is back to 2 lbs, im wondering if that will be taking off soon despite not increasing my average caloric intake or if I’ll just shrink elsewhere as my belly grows. Or I’ll get hungrier maybe.

image image

I did more walking this week because I’ve got family visiting and we’ve been trekking to national parks, so far one in Virginia and three in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Five more to go, maybe seven if I can stand it. I’ve been wanting to go to OBX anyway, so it was a good excuse and thanks to the frigid weather/offseason we stayed in a great suite in Kill Devil Hills over night for under a hundred dollars.

Of course I had to add to my vast Starbucks mug collection. This one is the first that’s just a state not a specific city, I guess that’ll work, though. Much to C’s chagrin I’ll be getting a Virginia mug before we move as well.

None of this has had anything to do with pregnancy. Let’s see… Oh, I’ve had round ligament pains this week thanks to the speedy expansion of all things baby, still staving off headaches with a bit of caffeine and I sat on the floor for a few hours yesterday and now I am stiff and sore and feel one hundred years old. I guess I also have to stop sleeping on my back soon wahhhhh. I love lying on my back when relaxing during the day and up until the moment I turn over to sleep at night.

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