13 Week Bump and Update

Bam! I’ve got a baby belly.



The general consensus this week is that I’m visibly pregnant, though a stranger without access to a before picture might assume I’m chunky and built like a barrel.

Total weight gain is back to 2 lbs, im wondering if that will be taking off soon despite not increasing my average caloric intake or if I’ll just shrink elsewhere as my belly grows. Or I’ll get hungrier maybe.

image image

I did more walking this week because I’ve got family visiting and we’ve been trekking to national parks, so far one in Virginia and three in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Five more to go, maybe seven if I can stand it. I’ve been wanting to go to OBX anyway, so it was a good excuse and thanks to the frigid weather/offseason we stayed in a great suite in Kill Devil Hills over night for under a hundred dollars.

Of course I had to add to my vast Starbucks mug collection. This one is the first that’s just a state not a specific city, I guess that’ll work, though. Much to C’s chagrin I’ll be getting a Virginia mug before we move as well.

None of this has had anything to do with pregnancy. Let’s see… Oh, I’ve had round ligament pains this week thanks to the speedy expansion of all things baby, still staving off headaches with a bit of caffeine and I sat on the floor for a few hours yesterday and now I am stiff and sore and feel one hundred years old. I guess I also have to stop sleeping on my back soon wahhhhh. I love lying on my back when relaxing during the day and up until the moment I turn over to sleep at night.


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