14 Week Bump and Update



Well, now I’m in the second trimester by anyone’s standard! Hoo-rah!
As you can see, I felt a real uptick in my appetite last week and also having company meant being out and about more and thus eating out more. I updated my app so it would stop telling me to eat 1680 cals/day. It would have been even worse if not for my love of the half sandwich and salad thing at Panera Bread. I think I’ve been lucky to have healthy cravings to balance out cravings like yesterday’s day-long yearning to eat only Wendy’s frostys. I had a jr. frosty (and a billion-calorie chicken sandwich) but I wanted MORE. In fact, today I might skip the sandwich and have a frosty for lunch. Nah, the moment has probably passed.

I did walk a lot more last week than usual, averaging 1.2 miles per day, with a high of 3 miles. It’s probably really sad that that was a lot of walking for me. Honestly, I aim for a mile per day and often fall short. My monthly average for comparison is .77 mi/day.

Total weight gain this pregnancy: 3.5 lbs

Symptoms and stuff: I didn’t realize that my uterus would be tender to the touch/press. Everyone on the baby boards talks about how they know it’s their uterus vs bloat because it’s hard when they press it, but never mentioned that it’s uncomfortable to press it. I am still boycotting my Doppler and may not use it again, it worries me. It will be so great when I can actually feel the baby moving and know it is okay, but I’ve seen a healthy jumping bean on ultrasounds now so I’m just keeping the faith. I get pains sometimes when I’m really moving around a lot which I think are round ligament pains. Headaches persist but are still not too bad with coffee.


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