16 Week Bump and Update



This week I’m super cranky thanks to it being the second week I’ve been snowed in. Both this week and last, schools and etc were closed tues-fri thanks to two snow storms in which we got 6-8 inches. For Hampton that’s a ton and the roads are terrible and it’s basically stupid to get in your car and drive until the weather warms up enough to melt the snow because you’re likely to get hit by someone who can’t drive in it. So many people are stationed here from all over the country that there are already a hundred different driving styles on the road, but in a storm, we’re stuck sharing the road with people who may have never experienced snow or even just the locals who aren’t used to it sticking. They cancel school far after the storm is over just bc they can’t handle removing the snow and just rely on the sun to take care of it. So, in order to protect the baby growing in my belly, I’ve been stuck at home, eating whatever we happen to have with high cabin fever for all but two days of the last 14. I didn’t even want to do this update, but it’s tradition! But damn, im hangry. And C. left for work Sunday so I haven’t had human contact in days.

Only two and a half more weeks and we move into our new house and we will be near people I know and love and hallelujah for that.

Total weight gain:
This week was weird. All week I was actually down .5 lbs from last week (so +3lbs total) and then suddenly I woke up Thursday morning a full and exact pound heavier. Apparently this is how I gain weight since that’s also what happened around 13 weeks. Since the pound was still there this morning, I’ll assume it intends to stick around, so total weight gain is now at 4 lbs! It’s really weird to gain a pound overnight while eating way less since my appetite took a nose dive for most of the week, but I don’t mind because duh, I’m pregnant. If this happens post-partum, however, I will burn things.

Symptoms and stuff:
The ligaments (I think?) in my inner upper thighs have been a bit sore this week, despite my not having done anything out of the ordinary. I guess that relaxin from all the progesterone is getting to more than just my abdomen. I think I got that right, but don’t quote me on it.
I haven’t felt the baby any more this week, or at least not the obvious popcorn popping feeling. It’s too soon to expect to regularly feel him or her, so im just happy when I do feel baby.
I think my uterus is up to just below my belly button, but I’ll know for sure where it’s hanging out when I see the OB next Wednesday.

We find out if the baby is a boy or a girl 3 weeks from today!! Hurrah!!


6 thoughts on “16 Week Bump and Update

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  1. I love it when bumps start to show! 🙂 I’m only 13 weeks but my bump looks very close to yours, don’t know why I started showing so early. Anyways, nice blog, stay warm!

    1. Are you also a first-time mom? If not, that can really make your bump bigger sooner. If you are also a first time mom, being short/having a short torso makes you pop out faster, im 5’3″ (pretty short!) but if you are shorter than me, that could be why!

      1. Sorry for the double reply, it wasn’t showing that my first comment had even sent! But yes, I’m a first-time mom as well! I had always heard that FTM show a little later than moms with kids already… I dunno what it is! But I was also told that some women grow more inwardly and some more outwardly and then.. every woman is different! I’m 5’2″, haha, so maybe that’s it.

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