21 Week Bump and Update


I feel like it looks smaller than last week, which it is not. Clothes and angles.

Total Weight Gain:

8 lbs


Gifford’s ice cream (coffee cookie dough and coffee Heath and coffee… Just yeah coffee ice cream) and then later in the week watermelon sherbet.


Is the size of Bok Choy and weighs 3/4 of a pound… though my little 96th percentile babe is probably a bit bigger than these averages. Still not kicking regularly (I could definitely not pick a time of day to count his kicks) but I’ve felt his little feet moving in my lower left side and sometimes in the morning I wake up to a big ball in the upper right of my belly where his head usually is (U/S confirmed these locations). Even during the day sometimes my belly is harder and bigger where he is laying, and it’s obvious to the naked eye, but especially if you feel.


hm, same old symptoms I think. I look forward to the week when I feel Baby Sam more than Braxton Hicks. I feel like I must have a lot more BH than most.


The Nursery: Painting

The one on the right
The one on the right

I told my husband that I had changed my mind and would be okay with it if he wanted to paint the nursery blue or green. I’m glad I added that the striped wall must stay because he apparently dislikes it almost as much as he dislikes yellow (how did I not know this?). Anyway, since he was so excited to change the color, he had two coats of primer and two coats of paint done in no time.

The first paint color he chose, and bought a $40 gallon of, while very pretty, was too saturated for the room. It was one of those things where you can choose from three intensities of the same shade and he chose the very darkest (the third picture is of this color). I thought he was kidding because we usually have such similar taste, but alas, he was not. A battle was waged and I agreed to suck it up and live with the color.

It was unintentional but the day after he bought the first color I surprised him with an Xbox One and between excited ‘thank-you’ kisses he announced that I could pick any paint I wanted for the nursery and we’d forget about color #1. He’d painted a 2×3 square of it and was finally realizing what I meant about it being too dark (saturated, not like navy- can you tell this was part of the debate ?!) . Neither of us wanted to see it go to waste though, so our currently lime green downstairs bathroom will be benefitting from a cheery blue makeover at some point. I think this is the best possible solution and im in love with our new nursery. I can’t wait to furnish it!

It’s a … And 20 Week Update


The old wives tales were mostly wrong, and my mommy instincts were right- it’s a boy!!


Did anyone notice there’s no 19 week update? Well, that’s because the day I thought I hit 19 weeks, the day of my anatomy scan, Baby Sam measured 20w1d and since he and my fundal height have consistently measured ahead, they’re moving my due date to Aug 6!! Woo-hoo! This date actually makes more sense to me and I was expecting to measure ahead again. I was hoping it’d be by enough to move my EDD, so it was nice that it was 8 days ahead not 5 because it has to differ by at least a week for the doc to change it.

We really like my new OB and everyone who works in the practice. The Dr. Himself reminds me of Mr. bean with the way he jokes around and his facial expressions.

Total weight gain:

6 lbs. Basically I gained 3 lbs and my belly grew huge overnight!


pretty much the same as last week. I get winded if I squat down three times in a row to unpack and have to take a quick break to catch my breath. I still managed to unpack out kitchen the same day our stuff arrived, after assigning C. two boxes and getting B. (my wifey) to help with one box towards the end when my ligaments were begging for mercy. I unpacked something like 12-15 boxes myself though, im pretty proud of that.

Whats up with baby?

Well, he’s officially and definitely a boy. I’m still not feeling movement regularly, or I find it hard to decipher from my Braxton Hicks and Uterine twitches. Those pesky twitches kept the U/S tech from getting a picture of his face, but I was happy with his beautiful profile. We were able to see his perfect brain and she got an awesome view of the four chambers of his heart beating away, strong as can be. He had fluid in his belly which means he’s been practicing his breathing and she got enough of a view of his face to see that his top lip is fully formed and cleft-free. We even got to see his little feet, toes included! Our baby boy is developing beautifully.

Moving Day, Again, For the Last Time


The day has come. I’m sitting in the bedroom next to the cat carrier as the movers place stickers on our stuff and hopefully start making quick but careful work of all those boxes we gathered in the guest room.

We will be going from VA to NY today, staying over at Lindsay’s house for the night. My OB said I need to get out of the car every hour and a half and walk around for a few minutes, so we figured doing the whole trip in one go would take way too long with that many stops. Though she has to get up at 4am for work in the morning, im excited to spend a few hours with her and see her new house! Also, I finally get to see her baby bump in person which will be cool.

I’m off, but may be checking back sooner than usual.

18 Week Bump and Update

I can’t believe I’m still not even at the halfway mark! I feel huge and still have 22 weeks to go!


Total weight gain:

4 lbs

Baby is:

The size of a sweet potato and able to be measured head to toe for the first time. There’s a 10″ long baby in that belly! I can’t feel baby move regularly yet, just here and there with days of nothing in between. Hopefully that changes soon!

Symptoms and Stuff:

so I guess the tendons that connect the upper thighs to the pelvis are not planning to tighten back up and stop hurting… It’s been 4 weeks and it’s not once let up. I already can’t seem to increase my walking speed above “turtle” without paying for it via sharp pains in my belly (and thighs of course). Hey there, round ligament pains, thanks for making me walk all slowly and stiffly like a pot-bellied zombie, it’s a good look. I was under the impression that all this came later, but I suspect I’ll be waddling well before 30 weeks at this rate. Im finally starting to sleep on my sides more, though I always wake up on my back. I also tend to lie on my back, against a pile of pillows to wind down at night or when indigestion is especially bad and I guess I’ll have to stop at some point? So sad! Lying on one’s side while awake is not conducive to basically anything except watching tv. Um, I’ve eaten a ton of soft-chew tums this week, heartburn has arrived. I get occasional Braxton Hicks, also early for me to feel them, but confirmed by OB and I can feel where the baby is when they happen bc theres a big bulge there.

This week’s craving:

Peppercorn ceasar wraps from Quiznos. I had 5 in a week.

17 Week Bump and Update


Total weight gain:      3lbs.

This week was hugely stressful as C was hospitalized (and released, he’s okay!) and so I worried way more than I ate. I’ve decided to stop posting my daily and weekly calorie totals starting with this week  because it’s shamefully low. I also think posting it in general may make me too self-conscious to actually eat enough to properly gain, so im saying goodbye to that part of my weekly updates.

The baby:      Is the size of a pomegranate and weighs as much as a turnip. Kicked to a Beyoncé and Sean Paul song on satellite radio today as I drove to pick up my third Quiznos peppercorn chicken Caesar wrap of the week. Does this mean baby loves Beyoncé or loathes her? I know everyone is all into calling her queen bey and maybe two or three years ago it seemed like suddenly everyone revered her, but I still think she’s just a regular singer/performer? Don’t understand the hype, but the maybe might.

Symptoms:      Man, I feel capital P Pregnant this week. When I climb onto the bed or couch, the pressure my bent legs puts on my uterus makes it feel really weird, even though my legs aren’t touching it! Strange. I feel a lot of pressure, heaviness and baby movements lately. Oh and it seems early, but hello horrendous heartburn!

Other: Monday i had my Quad screening for trisomies and neural tube defects and I got a call Wednesday that everything came back clear and as far as the test shows, baby is perfectly healthy. My fundal height at 16w3d was 17inches, so baby is likely still measuring more in line with the dating scan due date than the EDD im stuck with thanks to my LMP.  I also picked up my records today to bring to my new doctor when I see him in two weeks for my anatomy scan!

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