17 Week Bump and Update


Total weight gain:      3lbs.

This week was hugely stressful as C was hospitalized (and released, he’s okay!) and so I worried way more than I ate. I’ve decided to stop posting my daily and weekly calorie totals starting with this week  because it’s shamefully low. I also think posting it in general may make me too self-conscious to actually eat enough to properly gain, so im saying goodbye to that part of my weekly updates.

The baby:      Is the size of a pomegranate and weighs as much as a turnip. Kicked to a Beyoncé and Sean Paul song on satellite radio today as I drove to pick up my third Quiznos peppercorn chicken Caesar wrap of the week. Does this mean baby loves Beyoncé or loathes her? I know everyone is all into calling her queen bey and maybe two or three years ago it seemed like suddenly everyone revered her, but I still think she’s just a regular singer/performer? Don’t understand the hype, but the maybe might.

Symptoms:      Man, I feel capital P Pregnant this week. When I climb onto the bed or couch, the pressure my bent legs puts on my uterus makes it feel really weird, even though my legs aren’t touching it! Strange. I feel a lot of pressure, heaviness and baby movements lately. Oh and it seems early, but hello horrendous heartburn!

Other: Monday i had my Quad screening for trisomies and neural tube defects and I got a call Wednesday that everything came back clear and as far as the test shows, baby is perfectly healthy. My fundal height at 16w3d was 17inches, so baby is likely still measuring more in line with the dating scan due date than the EDD im stuck with thanks to my LMP.  I also picked up my records today to bring to my new doctor when I see him in two weeks for my anatomy scan!


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