18 Week Bump and Update

I can’t believe I’m still not even at the halfway mark! I feel huge and still have 22 weeks to go!


Total weight gain:

4 lbs

Baby is:

The size of a sweet potato and able to be measured head to toe for the first time. There’s a 10″ long baby in that belly! I can’t feel baby move regularly yet, just here and there with days of nothing in between. Hopefully that changes soon!

Symptoms and Stuff:

so I guess the tendons that connect the upper thighs to the pelvis are not planning to tighten back up and stop hurting… It’s been 4 weeks and it’s not once let up. I already can’t seem to increase my walking speed above “turtle” without paying for it via sharp pains in my belly (and thighs of course). Hey there, round ligament pains, thanks for making me walk all slowly and stiffly like a pot-bellied zombie, it’s a good look. I was under the impression that all this came later, but I suspect I’ll be waddling well before 30 weeks at this rate. Im finally starting to sleep on my sides more, though I always wake up on my back. I also tend to lie on my back, against a pile of pillows to wind down at night or when indigestion is especially bad and I guess I’ll have to stop at some point? So sad! Lying on one’s side while awake is not conducive to basically anything except watching tv. Um, I’ve eaten a ton of soft-chew tums this week, heartburn has arrived. I get occasional Braxton Hicks, also early for me to feel them, but confirmed by OB and I can feel where the baby is when they happen bc theres a big bulge there.

This week’s craving:

Peppercorn ceasar wraps from Quiznos. I had 5 in a week.


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