It’s a … And 20 Week Update


The old wives tales were mostly wrong, and my mommy instincts were right- it’s a boy!!


Did anyone notice there’s no 19 week update? Well, that’s because the day I thought I hit 19 weeks, the day of my anatomy scan, Baby Sam measured 20w1d and since he and my fundal height have consistently measured ahead, they’re moving my due date to Aug 6!! Woo-hoo! This date actually makes more sense to me and I was expecting to measure ahead again. I was hoping it’d be by enough to move my EDD, so it was nice that it was 8 days ahead not 5 because it has to differ by at least a week for the doc to change it.

We really like my new OB and everyone who works in the practice. The Dr. Himself reminds me of Mr. bean with the way he jokes around and his facial expressions.

Total weight gain:

6 lbs. Basically I gained 3 lbs and my belly grew huge overnight!


pretty much the same as last week. I get winded if I squat down three times in a row to unpack and have to take a quick break to catch my breath. I still managed to unpack out kitchen the same day our stuff arrived, after assigning C. two boxes and getting B. (my wifey) to help with one box towards the end when my ligaments were begging for mercy. I unpacked something like 12-15 boxes myself though, im pretty proud of that.

Whats up with baby?

Well, he’s officially and definitely a boy. I’m still not feeling movement regularly, or I find it hard to decipher from my Braxton Hicks and Uterine twitches. Those pesky twitches kept the U/S tech from getting a picture of his face, but I was happy with his beautiful profile. We were able to see his perfect brain and she got an awesome view of the four chambers of his heart beating away, strong as can be. He had fluid in his belly which means he’s been practicing his breathing and she got enough of a view of his face to see that his top lip is fully formed and cleft-free. We even got to see his little feet, toes included! Our baby boy is developing beautifully.


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