The Nursery: Painting

The one on the right
The one on the right

I told my husband that I had changed my mind and would be okay with it if he wanted to paint the nursery blue or green. I’m glad I added that the striped wall must stay because he apparently dislikes it almost as much as he dislikes yellow (how did I not know this?). Anyway, since he was so excited to change the color, he had two coats of primer and two coats of paint done in no time.

The first paint color he chose, and bought a $40 gallon of, while very pretty, was too saturated for the room. It was one of those things where you can choose from three intensities of the same shade and he chose the very darkest (the third picture is of this color). I thought he was kidding because we usually have such similar taste, but alas, he was not. A battle was waged and I agreed to suck it up and live with the color.

It was unintentional but the day after he bought the first color I surprised him with an Xbox One and between excited ‘thank-you’ kisses he announced that I could pick any paint I wanted for the nursery and we’d forget about color #1. He’d painted a 2×3 square of it and was finally realizing what I meant about it being too dark (saturated, not like navy- can you tell this was part of the debate ?!) . Neither of us wanted to see it go to waste though, so our currently lime green downstairs bathroom will be benefitting from a cheery blue makeover at some point. I think this is the best possible solution and im in love with our new nursery. I can’t wait to furnish it!


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  1. I’m so emotional right now that I would have been crying my eyes out if my fiance insisted on a color I didn’t like! So glad your husband ended up agreeing with you 🙂

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