21 Week Bump and Update


I feel like it looks smaller than last week, which it is not. Clothes and angles.

Total Weight Gain:

8 lbs


Gifford’s ice cream (coffee cookie dough and coffee Heath and coffee… Just yeah coffee ice cream) and then later in the week watermelon sherbet.


Is the size of Bok Choy and weighs 3/4 of a pound… though my little 96th percentile babe is probably a bit bigger than these averages. Still not kicking regularly (I could definitely not pick a time of day to count his kicks) but I’ve felt his little feet moving in my lower left side and sometimes in the morning I wake up to a big ball in the upper right of my belly where his head usually is (U/S confirmed these locations). Even during the day sometimes my belly is harder and bigger where he is laying, and it’s obvious to the naked eye, but especially if you feel.


hm, same old symptoms I think. I look forward to the week when I feel Baby Sam more than Braxton Hicks. I feel like I must have a lot more BH than most.


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