21 Week Bump and Update #2

I decided to go back to (and stick with) counting by my original estimated due date because it could get messy and confusing otherwise if it keeps moving. So, here we are, week 21 all over again 😉

image image

Total weight gain: 8.5 lbs.

Baby is:

Moving a ton!! When I accidentally kept lightly bumping my belly against the counter while doing dishes, he started pushing back and when I bend over and it compresses my uterus, he kicks back! He also just seems to be a lot more active in general. Can’t wait to hear more about my great big boy when I see the OB on the 16th.

Mommy is:

Feeling good this week. Occasional heartburn, ever-present ligament pains in my upper thighs still, daily Braxton hicks, good energy, blah blah just normal prego stuff. It’s been so nice having a social life, I’ve been too busy the past couple days to make this post!

Life in general:

Last weekend I went to a wedding show for a wedding im the maid of honor in and a benefit show and silent auction for the local food kitchen. Also lunch dates and dinner making in my fantastic kitchen, all with my wifey B. You’ll never see her on here though bc she hates having her picture taken, and would never let me post one.


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