What I’m Loving Wednesday: Selfies and Shopping


Non-maternity shift dresses that fit my bump, but will also hide my post-baby bulge.


Adorable kitty cuddles. She’s back to my pregnancy pillow, lying long against my body.


Finally got the lobster roll I’ve been craving since December! It was actually my first lobster roll, but I believe in craving things you’ve never had, based on a fantasy you have of what they taste like… Normal?


All ready for Lindsay’s baby shower in the maxi dress that should fit my until I pop. Seems tough to find decent maternity clothes, so both pieces are non-maternity, but with an open-front cardigan and an empire waist dress in stretchy jersey, you don’t need maternity! Here’s to hoping I am still “ambitious” enough to do my hair and throw on some eye makeup and a dress for my own shower… This has barely happened since we moved away from Louisiana so it was a triumph, but speaking of moving away from the south… For this April 4 baby shower I had to wear cowboy boots under my dress and hike it up while I walked because It. Snowed. All. Day.

image image

I bought myself a new wallet! And didn’t spend $100!

My Gramma spoiled my 29-year-old self with an Easter Bunny. I swear it’s been over a decade since I’ve chomped the chocolate ears off a rabbit.


Samuel’s Grandma, my mother-in-law, got him this teensy and adorable set with a whale on the bum!! I should have taken a nicer picture, but isn’t is precious?!

And today I have a lunch date at the brand-new healthy foods store/deli/cafe that opened yesterday. Can’t wait to check it out and all of the locally grown veggies and farm fresh, optimistically cruelty free eggs!


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