22 Week Bump and Update


Total weight gain: 11 lbs! It’s coming on much faster now!


Took myself to the movies on Tuesday at the cheap seats. I was the only one in the theatre for “Get Hard” which made me feel like I should almost have been able to pause it when it came time for my inevitable pee break. Tuesdays are $3 all day at the cheap cinema, but I spent $8 bc obvious,y needed a “small” buttered popcorn and a bottle of water. And last night was date night with B… We went to Blaze in downtown Bangor for dinner (and dessert…) and then to see 3 Blonde Moms, a comedy show. I think I’m finally feeling the second trimester sweet spot these last couple weeks, plenty of energy and overall feeling pretty good!! I did have a couple bouts of round ligament pains in my belly again this week… I can’t possibly be growing again can I?? Of course I can and am.


He was super active all weekend, but seems really mellow this week… And then he just moved while I typed that. But he’s definitely not been as active this week as he was on the weekend, probably bc I was so active then, too! 6 days until our next appointment and finally hearing from the Dr. about Samuel’s anatomy scan. That’ll be a big part of the 23 week update im sure, even though the news will be 4 weeks old at that point.


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