23 Week Bump and Update

Seems like you can count on me to post these updates late, whoops.


I chose that bump shot because my cat is being adorable in it. But, I do also look very pregnant which you can see above the real star of the photo.

This week all I even care about telling you guys is that I felt Samuel move from the outside!! And he’s been incredibly and regularly active. He moves a ton when I get hungry, probably because my stomach growling right on top of him wakes him up. My friend Danielle joked that he probably thinks a monster is trying to get him and he’s trying to get away. That seriously almost makes me feel guilty until I realize that the baby has no concept of monsters and is probably naturally not afraid if normal bodily noises. I also did find out that Samuel is 96th percentile overall, so taking into account abdominal circumference, head circumference, femur length, and another head measurement on top of weight (12 oz. at 19 weeks, now about 1 lb 12 oz if he’s still on the same track).

But yeah, he moves all the time and when he moves in the top part of my belly it’s really easy to feel it when I place my hand where Ive been getting jabbed. It’s kind of crazy to me that this movement which is already definitely NOT subtle is only going to get stronger and stronger until I deliver him. It’s hard to describe but it feels like a lot of popping and jolting in my belly. Maybe like if you ate something *really* bad, but without the pain.

I had an OB appointment. I am a tiny bit worried bc my blood pressure was 128/60 and previously it was 110/70 (December) and 114/72 (March). I saw the midwife this time and she didn’t say anything about it, but Im just surprised that there’s such a difference and hope I don’t become one of those women with no risk factors who end up with high blood pressure/eventual preeclampsia. The 128 is considered pre-hypertensive, and I wondered if standards were different for pregnant women, but usually blood pressure is lower in the second trimester than normal, not higher, so probably not. The diastolic number is definitely low, but that doesn’t mean it’s not bad if the systolic gets too high. I guess it’s just weird to me because my systolic pressure has never gone higher than the teens, I really hope it doesn’t mean anything. I’ve started getting mild headaches again the last few days too. My next appointment isn’t for five weeks, so I will go to a drug store and use the blood pressure machine somewhere in that time just to make sure it doesn’t get any higher.


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