24 Weeks!

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Pardon my wet hair in these, but I am so excited to have reached 24 weeks… Also known as the first viability milestone. Now Baby Samuel could potentially survive outside the womb, it would not be easy or free of complications, but still, it’s comforting to know he could survive in the world. He also weighs around 2 lbs and he definitely feels like it, his kicks are getting stronger and stronger. I can’t wait for C. to come home so he can feel his son jabbing away, but I still do have to wait a while.

Total Weight Gain:

15-16 lbs.¬†seriously, im traumatized. I gained 4 lbs this week, 3 overnight and I exercised more and ate well and gained another one the next day… So yeah, 4 lbs even though my diet or exercise levels haven’t changed ughhhh. I called my OB and talked to a nurse about it because I know it can be a sign of pre-eclampsia but she was unconcerned and said that my weight gain is “excellent” and im rigt in track and that its just water weight as well as baby, increased amniotic fluid and blood volume. So, yeah, I mean I can’t even tell where it went, but thats the second time I’ve just suddenly had a huge jump in my weight, I guess that’s just how my body does pregnancy and works around my trying not to gain too much. I just hope it doesn’t keep happening because I am trying so hard to stay on the lower end of the recommended range and now I’m already in the middle and I didn’t really have any control over it.

Speaking of weight gain, ha, I’ve got a lunch date with B so I’d better cut this short. Vietnamese is the plan today.


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