What I’m Loving Wednesday: Espresso Edition


C. has been working so much lately that I thought it was the perfect time for him to buy me an espresso machine. Well, that’s the horrible person version of events. Reality: years ago he accidentally threw away a crucial part of my espresso machine and I could never find a replacement, so eventually he convinced me to throw it away with the promise that when we got our own house he would buy me a new one. As it turns out, buying a house is very expensive and the espresso machine was definitely not on the top of the list of things we needed. Curtains and curtain rods, blinds, a steam mop (no more carpets yay!!), a recycling bin and outdoor trash can; these were the things that new homeowners really needed.

Anyway, C. has been working in Oklahoma for over a month now and we are financially caught up after a few tight months with preparing to buy the house and move, and Bed Bath and Beyond sent us a 20% off your whole purchase coupon, so I decided the time was right. C. agreed after making sure I wouldn’t be buying a thousand dollar machine. He preferred $300 or less, I wanted a Breville, luckily with the coupon we both won b/c my $400 machine came to $320 and everyone lived happily ever and my daily dose of caffeine just tastes so much better.


I set it up which took forever (45 minutes) since I was uncaffeinated and slow and after adjusting my dose (as they call the amount of coffee in the permafilter) I poured my very first shot and it was gorgeous and had the most beautiful crema. It was almost a shame to dilute it with nonfat milk, but the quality definitely came through. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m really looking forward to the day when I can drink a double latte in the morning and then have an early afternoon pick-me-up con panna as well.


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