25 Weeks and a Nursery Update


It’s my first public bare belly bump shot!! I made it black an white because that somehow makes an expanse of bare skin less… Well, it looks less like I’m showing you lots of skin. I don’t know, whatever. It’s a thing, I think. So here’s my real 25 week baby bump and my stretched out belly button…. I bet I’ll be one of the women whose belly buttons pop out towards the end.

Total weight gain:

this one is getting tough since my weight has begun to vary by 2-3 lbs day to day. I will go by my average weight this week, which puts me at a gain of 16.3 lbs…


Seriously, I don’t really know much new about baby except from what the apps say. He is still a mover and a shaker, is apparently the size of a Napa cabbage and putting on baby fat!

My week:

It just started to warm up yesterday… Which means 50s and 60s and monday should be low 70s. Finally!! I got together with a friend from H.S. This week to do the crossword puzzle at Dunkin Donuts like old people. It took us 2.5 hours (with a lot of chatting) and we had to look up 2 answers at the end. Had dinner with B. At Pepinos (a chimichanga, so unhealthy but soooo good!!) And more progress was made on the nursery thanks to my dad biking up for a morning to set up the glider and hang the curtain.



4 thoughts on “25 Weeks and a Nursery Update

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  1. Cute nursery and cute bump! I’m 16 weeks with twins and I am always astonished when I see singleton pregnancy bumps. I think my bump is already about your size.

    1. Twins!! How exciting! I was secretly hoping for boy/girl fraternal twins, because then I’d be done with just one pregnancy lol. I bet the belly is much bigger with two, I mean it’s not just two babies, but more amniotic fluid, another placenta, etc. Congratulations!

      1. Yes, I know what you mean, but knowing the risks involved, I would not have chosen twins if given an option. In fact, we specifically chose to only transfer one embryo. But you know what they say, you plan, God laughs. 😉 With that said, we are excited about all the extra snuggles and love that comes with twins and I’m sure we are strong enough to handle whatever comes our way.

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