31-33 Weeks and Obviously Over It

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I think the most important update regarding weeks 31, 32 and 33 is that I didn’t bother to post about them. That says more than whatever I will now briefly say. That and the fact that I’m too pregnant to even go see a movie. I had to cancel a movie date with B today because my rib cage ached so badly from sitting for 20 minutes while drinking my coffee that I couldn’t imagine sitting for two straight hours to watch a movie. Yesterday we drove an hour each way to a food festival and sat for almost 2 hours straight watching the keynote and seafood throw down (modeled after iron chef) and even with tylenol I was physically miserable.

Also, apparently pregnancy induced carpal tunnel is a thing and it came on in week 31 and now my right hand falls asleep whenever I use it, including to brush my teeth, eat, type, put my hair up, write baby shower thank you notes, or hold anything at all.

I am getting swollen, too. My toes crease where they meet my puffy foot.

I am planning a post on Maine Fare, the food festival I went to yesterday. We shall see if that actually happens.


29 and 30 Week Bumps and Updates

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Oh my god, I am finally 75% of the way through and in the 30’s. Of course Lindsay told me the 30’s felt the slowest, but I hope they don’t for me. I’m going to have a fairly busy June, as I had a pretty busy May (baby shower, cousin’s wedding, mother’s day stuff, etc). My brother will be visiting at the end of next week, I’m going in on a cabin on the coast with him and some friends for a couple of days, Lindsay will be coming to Maine towards the end of the month, C. is scheduled to be home on the 30th because we are having our 34 week growth scan on July 1st !! I’ll technically be 33w5d but close enough (and according to my dating scan EDD, july 1 is actually the day I hit 34 weeks anyway, but they don’t care about that).

29 weeks was pretty uneventful I think… ended up passing my 3 hour glucose test with flying colors and celebrated with FIVE pints of ben and jerry’s over the next two weeks.

Let’s talk weight gain… it was 20lbs at 29 weeks and 21lbs at 30 weeks.

I had another Dr.’s appointment on Thursday (29w6d), my Fundal Height was 32 this time which was a relief since it was 31-32 at 27w6d and Baby Sam totally changed position and is now head down with his butt jammed into my ribcage on my right side and his little feet pushing out on the left side of my belly. He had a nice strong heartbeat in the 130’s and is still very active. I can definitely tell when he has the hiccups now and today when he had them, I rubbed here I know his little back is and talked to him softly like I do my kitties when they have the hiccups because I’m just that kind of crazy. I think it was Jolie who used to get the hiccups often but its been a long time now since she’s had them.

Now, onto how I’m feeling lately… shit is getting real, to be honest. When I stand too much  my heels ache, when I sit down even just for half an hour to eat a meal, my right ribs burn/ache because sam gets squished right into them and when I lay down my lower back often aches or my tailbone does, depending on my angle of recline. Seriously, I can’t believe I’m already having this much trouble getting comfortable at 30 weeks, but I guess it’s his position and he is at least a couple weeks ahead in terms of overall size, so it shouldn’t be that shocking. I’m just happy that I am having a very healthy pregnancy and a very healthy baby and neither of us have any issues of concern aside from his being possibly a bit too robust for his mommy. We’ve got another appointment June 18 where apparently it is time to talk labor preferences… I’d prefer it if he’d just magically appear, but I think they mean more epidural or no, circumcision or no, etc.

I’ll be back with another update next week, or more likely it seems, the week after!

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