31-33 Weeks and Obviously Over It

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I think the most important update regarding weeks 31, 32 and 33 is that I didn’t bother to post about them. That says more than whatever I will now briefly say. That and the fact that I’m too pregnant to even go see a movie. I had to cancel a movie date with B today because my rib cage ached so badly from sitting for 20 minutes while drinking my coffee that I couldn’t imagine sitting for two straight hours to watch a movie. Yesterday we drove an hour each way to a food festival and sat for almost 2 hours straight watching the keynote and seafood throw down (modeled after iron chef) and even with tylenol I was physically miserable.

Also, apparently pregnancy induced carpal tunnel is a thing and it came on in week 31 and now my right hand falls asleep whenever I use it, including to brush my teeth, eat, type, put my hair up, write baby shower thank you notes, or hold anything at all.

I am getting swollen, too. My toes crease where they meet my puffy foot.

I am planning a post on Maine Fare, the food festival I went to yesterday. We shall see if that actually happens.


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