I was graduate student in clinical mental health counseling, but I gave up my stable life and graduate assistantship to travel the country with my husband. After almost 4 years of maintaining a long-distance relationship, I’m ready to explore the country and find out what it’s like to actually live with my husband, a wind turbine technician and manager.

(Added) Actually, I thought that I was going to travel with my husband, but our life is ever unpredictable and his job changed at precisely the moment we made that plan. So instead of all that travel, we moved to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia where I’m now working as a substitute teacher and considering applying to grad schools here. At least I achieved my goal of living near the ocean, right? I’m originally from Maine, but moved to Louisiana in 2010 and to Virginia in 2014.

My ultimate goal in life is to teach Psychology or English at a college level, but I’m pretty open to going where life takes me as long as I get to steer sometimes, too 😉

(added 2017) So, its 4 years and two kids and a dog later and were living in Maine and I travel like almost never but I’m pretty happy and that’ll change as the bugs get older… I’m also working full time as a social worker so that’s probably my current source of adventure.


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  1. Welcome to Louisiana! I’ve been in Southeastern Louisiana all of my life. I do love to travel, and it would be nice to live in another state. However, having kids, it’s kind of hard uprooting them from all they know.

    1. Thanks! I agree, it’s nice to explore a new area, but much harder once you have children. I never moved as a child but always wished we could, though there are many kids who would be very upset by moving so I guess it all depends on the kid.

      1. yes, BEFORE is right! You never know, they might be totally into it or totally against it. Kids are rarely indifferent on these matters lol.

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